5 Reasons Why I Am SO Jazzed About This Year Ahead!!!- Day 198: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant

As I put the finishing touches on the new website today I took some time to reflect on all the awesomeness that is up and coming this month.

As I reflected I started to get super excited and wanted to share the juiciness with you all!!

For starters the new website will be officially live tomorrow!!!

Starting tomorrow I will begin accepting applications for my 30 Day RSL Coaching Intensive and opening the RSL Reset 30 Minute Coaching Sessions to all of you beauties who are looking to make a profound shift in your self loving this year.

On January 13th we will be officially releasing the 30 Day Radical Self Love Program

($33). This is a online program designed to support each of you lovers in setting a sturdy foundation of self love and working self love into your daily routine. As I have come to know self love is at the core of all my success, abundance, health and romantic love. Last year my relationship towards myself wasn’t exactly strong or positive- I was struggling in a big time way. This program holds massive personal significance for me and is one of my biggest self love milestones to date. I designed this program and put myself through it one year ago, when my life had completely fallen apart and I refused to let myself self destruct. Underneath my pain I had a desire to be better and a willingness to do whatever it would take to heal from the inside out, so I could finally attract the dream relationship I had always wanted (when I was ready of course). I knew self love was the first step to that healing and this simple, step by step, day by day program set the tone for a new life.

A life characterized with:

  • Abundant support from my community (because I was reaching out finally and courageously requesting what I needed).
  • Happiness (because I no longer was putting everyone’s happiness before my own and had the self confidence to stand in my truth).
  • Clarity and harmony in all my relationships with men (I learned how to set clear, healthy and empowered boundaries and keep them).
  • Completion and freedom from the past (because I had bravely taken the actions to close certain doors that were incompatible with what my heart truly wanted).
  • Certainty of my path, my passions and my mission in the world (because I was investing time every day to self study and connecting with my spiritual guides the clarity came right through).
  • Positive self image and healthy body (because I had begun to take my fitness, health and well being seriously and input only high vibin energies in and make sure I was taking time regularily to workout and release any stagnant vibes).
  • Opportunities to further my path and live on purpose (because I was reaching out, making new connections, acting on opportunities and refusing to self sabotage when it came to scooping up chances to fulfill my passions and purpose).
  • Abundance on every level (because I was finally owning my worth, my value, boldly asking for what I needed and desired and refusing to accept anything that diminished the value and worth I was bringing to the table).
  • The love I had always been looking for (because I was finally cultivating internally the love I had been seeking externally and the result of that was a renewal of my relationship and a chance to start again, start new).

I am so incredibly stoked to release into the world the exact methodology, program and the “how to” I used to rev up my self love to get to the point in my life where I am truly flourishing and living into my brilliance, radiating my beautiful vibrance and my sharing my divine greatness. If you want to get in on this early hit me up via email (rsl@kelseygrant.com) with the subject line: I Am Ready for 30 Days of Radical Self Love and I will send you the details to scoop it up before it goes live to the world on the 13th 🙂

On January 29th I will be keynote speaking at a local event for Artists, Actors and Musicians to share the “how to” of a self love foundation to set them up for epic creative flow and abundant success in their industry.

On Jan 30th I’ll be rocking out on a live radio show to kick off the morning and in the evening our monthly Radical Self Love workshops are back!!!

And this is just January!!! Feb is gearing up to be quit the epic month too 😉 More on that soon! Until then,

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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