55 Miles By V-Day: It’s Goal Time RSL Style- Day 195: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I’m not one for setting lots of goals (I prefer setting intentions and allowing the magic of the Universe to do it’s thang) however, I do see the value in setting one solid goal to achieve every couple months.

The key for me has always been to set a target that is achievable and is big enough that it causes me to stretch myself and grow into a greater version.

My 6 week goal

For the next 43 days (I’m already 2 days in) my goal is to complete 55 miles of exercise by Feb 14th. My goal was inspired by the lovely ladies over at Tone It Up. They have a new years fitness program called “Love Your Body” and it is a 6 week program designed to have you loving your body by Valentines Day.

They challenge their community to complete 100 miles in 6 weeks. Personally half of my fitness routine includes yoga and in yoga miles aren’t exactly measurable. So I chose to nearly half the amount in exchange of my 3-4 hot yoga classes per week.

In my first 2 days back post holiday season I’ve already rocked 3.4 miles. I’m keeping a running tab on my phone with the date and the number of miles accomplished. I will be alternating between running, cycling and stair climbing to rock this goal!

The key to achieving goals

quotes-about-motivational_10469-4For me there has always been one key factor in completing a goal, and that is I have to actually want to do it. In my past I would give my word to things I only somewhat cared about or was somewhat interested in. Whenever that would happen I would never see it through to completion.

Then something clicked, I realized I had the power to choose what I was committing and investing my energies into. Now I have just gotten really good at choosing things I know I will fulfill on and taking the time to honestly declare what it is I can fulfill on given my responsibilities and available time and resources.

While I love the idea of completing 100 miles before Valentines I also know myself and what works for me. Agreeing to rock 55 miles is still a huge accomplishment and it allows me to honour my body and what works for me. I love doing yoga and I would honestly be miserable if I had to cut out my yoga time to go running. When it comes to my workouts this lady needs variety.

This new awesome target fulfills my need for variety, has me level up my fitness and health AND it excites me. It’s a win all around!!!

Now I’m curious do you have a goal or target you are focused on for the New Year? If so share with us in the comments below!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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