The How To For a Kick-Ass 2014- Day 194: 365 Radical Self Love Project


It is safe to say most of us want to have a rocking year filled with more success, more abundance, more love, more happiness, more health, more free time and more connection.

The key to receiving is giving.

Most of us have learned the opposite, get first give later. This mental attitude and belief system actually takes us out of harmony with the Universal Laws and puts us in a state of resistance towards what we want.

To achieve our intentions we have to shift our mental and habitual minds to focus on:

  • How can I give?
  • How can I be of service?
  • How can I use my talents for the greater good of others?
  • How can I be a positive contribution?

How to Have a Rocking 2014

  1. Discipline the mind. We have to ensure our mental chatter is quiet and if it is going it is our internal cheerleader pumping us with positive encouragement. To shift this will require discipline. It will require you to take an honest look at your life and your habits and be courageous enough to honestly declare to keep only the ones which positively contribute to your wellbeing. To train the brain in this way you will need to start small. Begin the practice of discipline by doing one thing everyday at the same time which enhances your development. I personally am reading a chapter of a personal growth book and the daily lesson in A Course In Miracles at 7am each day.
  2. Establish a Regular Practice of Giving. To receive in all areas of life we must be giving. Period. You feel a lack of connection or recognition? Give it to another- it will always come back in a powerful way, plus whatever you give to another you have already given to yourself. When it comes to money it works the same way. If you are looking to levelling up in the financial court, start giving. Make it a discipline. In 2014 we are tithing (giving) 11% of all our revenue from coaching programs, workshops, products and services. One of the things that trips people up most is that they think they have to donate a massive amount or else it doesn’t really make a difference. There is a incredibly powerful energy behind unconditional giving. It is the essence of true love, so when we give, regardless of the dollar amount we are spreading the energy of unconditional love to everyone who physically comes into contact with that money, anyone who is on the receiving end AND anyone who witnesses the giving. That dear friends creates a massive ripple of love, prosperity and abundance. Shift the focus from being concerned about what happens with the money once it is given and focus your mind and energy on the positive ripple of influence giving unconditionally provides for the world.
  3. Take Care of YOU! This is where a daily practice/ritual of Radical Self Love will come in real handy. To give unconditionally to others we must be full already. Meaning we must do what it takes to take care of our physical needs, our bodies, our minds, our emotions and our spiritual connection. Most of us we not taught as kids how to love ourselves and make sure we are taken care of in all ways. Lucky for all you lovers we have created a 30 Day Radical Self Love Program completely tailored to peeps who are on their journey of self discovery, to establish a empowered relationship to self love in a step by step guidebook and interactive program. It’s important to us to make this accessible to as many people as possible and so we are releasing this program for $33.00 with the intention of inspiring a Radical Self Love International Movement. For more details stay tuned on the blog, FB and Twitter. This glittery, awesomeness is coming at ya in the next week!! For any of you lovers who want to pre-order your program send us a quick email @ Subject Line: I Am Ready for 30 Days of Radical Self Love.
  4. Give Up The Shit That Weighs You Down. I know you immediately know who, what that is. Your intuition tells you right away. Give it up. Simple. Anyone who is serious about having a kick ass year understands some adjustments will have to take place in order to align and come into harmony with your new intentions and positive attractions. This could mean giving up a substance or two, giving up emotional addictive patterns like gossip, negative self talk or the doozy speaking before thinking. It could mean giving up sitting around doing nothing, it could mean giving up the story that you are confused, unclear, and incapable of changing. All of it is total BS and you are worth so much more AND before that true value and worth can enter you have to make room for it then invite it in. Start the clearing.
  5. Start Doing The Things You Want To. You are the only one at cause for designing your life according to your heart’s desires. If there is something you have always wanted to do, go do it. Whatever the excuse you’ve been holding over yourself give it up ( point #4). There are no promises of tomorrow and regret is a nasty thing to carry around. If you logistically can’t make something happen right this instance, commit to yourself to take at least one action towards your desire EVERYDAY. Doing so ensures your intention comes to fruition in divine timing.

These five steps are the change agents required to have a truly fulfilling, high vibing and rocking year ahead. Love yourself and play in the domain of abundance, happiness, health, prosperity and LOVE in 2014. That’s where we are going to be and as the saying goes- the more the merrier. Wishing you all the very best, an abundance of blessings, miracles and love.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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