Live For Today: The Lesson Of Saying Goodbye- Day 192: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today I joined my partner and his family as they said goodbye to a dear family member.

While sitting at the service and lovingly holding space for the family and listening to the beautiful words being spoken it was a beautiful reminder of how precious our lives truly are.

I am totally one to get caught up in the busyness of life and occasionally forget just how truly lucky I am to live each day, do what I love, be surrounded by people I love and who love me and to be creating a life that is a positive inspiration and leaves a positive impact for future generations.

radical self love

Today’s celebration of life reminded me of these 3 main life lessons.

1. Make each day count.

radical self love kelsey grantEvery day we wake up we have an opportunity to do great things. We have 24 hrs and it is up to us to use them wisely and use them to make ourselves better and this world a better place to be. It is these daily, small moments that create our legacy, make it one worth sharing.

2. Get curious and explore.

Explore the world, explore each other, explore yourself. This world is so fully of diversity, beauty and depth if we open to seeing it. Get curious about this life you lead, get curious about who the people are who you love and cherish, learn about them, learn about you and most importantly allow yourself the opportunity to see as much as you can during your lifetime.

3. It is totally ok to feel and to show your real feelings.

radical self love In these times of great loss  is often when we give ourselves permission to feel and express those feelings with each other in a more open context. It is during times like this when we see it is “socially acceptable” to cry, be sad and reveal we don’t actually have it all together. When we release in this way we feel free. We are no longer in a state of resistance to what it is we are truly feeling. Today made me realize in a big way how much we could all benefit as a collective human family if we gave ourselves permission to authentically feel, express and be supported by our loved ones on the regular. There is major healing that happens when we open in such a vulnerable way, it is through this opening that love can enter. It is in this rawness we can see each other and see ourselves in one another. It is in this opening we are unified-completely connected to our truth, LOVE.

tumblr_md4nhewFUI1rk1y9no1_500Let today be the gentle reminder to let your heart speak openly, freely. Let today be the reminder of the power inside our ability to feel and be real with each other. Our feelings unite us, we all feel sorrow, we all feel bliss and everything in between. Let today be the day you give yourself full permission to live life fully, on your terms and in the vibration of love.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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