Invest In Yourself- How 1 Hour of Self Study Can Increase Your Happiness- Day 189: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Learning is very important to me.

tumblr_lybg6nhPx61qzmufro1_500I know it is one of the things which makes me an effective teacher, leader, friend and partner. Being open to learning and receptive to new information increases our vibrational alignment, increases our confidence and ushers in the opportunity to really claim our power and own our inner wisdom.

We are all teachers.

Perhaps not in the conventional sense of being infront of a body of students and lecturing, but in our own ways we are all teachers. We all have wisdom which comes through us and is accessed through our life experiences.

How to be an effective teacher.

First things first, an effective teacher is a top notch student. The best teachers I know are students of life. They are open, receptive and humble enough to know they don’t know everything and they all share a common desire- to be better humans, be more effective teachers and be powerful examples of love in the world. These types of teachers are always learning. They study their craft, they practice and they do the work they require of their students.


The second step to being an effective teacher is learning how to get out of your own way. This comes through self reflection, self learning and self love. The best teachers I know invest an abundant amount of time, energy and resources into self development aka learning to be the best version they can be. They learn how to overcome their challenges by bravely looking at and acknowledging where they require growth. They seek out information and teachers who can take them to the levels they want to get to and they are driven by the insight that when they are their best version they create the environment for their students to succeed in life as well.


My RSL Invitation to Increase Your Happiness

My invitation to you today is simple, invest 30 minutes each day in studying your passion and 30 minutes each day studying self growth or self development.

tumblr_mlamcxbWMo1qhziwoo1_500One hour is a great starting point to establish a positive and inspired habit around learning. So much of my life I felt like I had to learn about things I really didn’t care about or was passionate about. Now I realize I have 24 hours in the day just like everyone else and how I spend those hours is completely up to me. When I began this process of self study about 7 years ago I made a commitment to myself to “give up” an hour of TV in exchange for learning about my passion and practicing. Ultimately that one choice was one of the foundational factors leading me to the life I live now, in a city I love, with a partner I adore with all my heart, living a life I am truly uplifted and fulfilled by.

As we approach the new year it is a great time to reflect and really commit to you and your wellbeing. It is a time to step into creating a life you are worthy of and that lights you up. It is the time to start living on purpose, living your purpose.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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