3 Effective Ways to Clear Your Energy After Boxing Day Craziness- Day 188: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Boxing Day is usually a pretty big energy zapper.

CO-BoxingDay03.JPGWhether you are working in retail and are dealing with swarms of chaotic energy or are one of the peeps just out an about in the crazy busy intensity of boxing day, it is important to effectively clear your energy after exposure to those energy vibes.

Why energy clearing is important

1c56e1bd41bfebf7dda2c0a0b5daac30All of us have an energetic body, and when we are in close proximity to another our energetic bodies touch and intermingle. Usually when we pass someone with a lot of negatively charged vibes we can sense it, we can feel it. Like wise when we pass someone with positive energy we can feel into their good vibes.

The thing about energy is whatever type of energy we are immersed within activates the same resonance within us. Meaning being around lower energies activates the lower energies residing within us. Without effective clearing we can carry around risidual energy of a complete stranger if we don’t clear on a regular basis. On days where we are exposed to a variety of energy bodies it is especially important to clear and reground.

Boxing Day Clearing

Lets face it the over all energies surrounding boxing day shopping aren’t exactly the most loving and positive. There is a lot of “getting” energy which when combined with small spaces and high volumes of people can turn into quite the chaotic mess. This is one of the high times for increased frusteration, anxiety, overwhelm, and upset so with all those not so great vibes in the air it is important that we clear that energy from our own individual vessels to ensure we don’t impose those same vibes onto another person. This is being ultra responsible about our energy.

3 Ways to Effectively Clear Your Energy

1. Have a shower.

Seriously. Rinse all the vibes and energy off and let it flow down the drain. Water clears our energetic field, relaxes the body and refreshes our state of mind. Water in incredibly healing and if at any time during the day our emotions flared, connecting with the water element to rebalance is a fabulous idea. If you are brave enough, rock the blasts of cold water on the spine followed by warm water. This clears out the energetic body really quick. For those of us not wanting to rock the icy waters standing under the shower head and doing a release visualization will do the job nicely. Also soaking in a sea salt bath is a great way to pull toxins out of the body and toxic energy out of the auric field.

2. Visualize.

Take a few minutes in a quite space, sit down, slow your breath to a nice steady deep inhale and exhale and visualize the “scrubbing” of your energy field. Imagine a bubble of light that surrounds you body, as you tune in you will either see or get a sense where there may be darker energies lurking. First scan your body from head to toe with a bright white light to “clean” your energy. Then after your cleaning scan if you still feel darker energies kicking around focus your visualization on that spot directly and see yourself “washing” the area clean. I like to visualize making little circle motions like when I’m scrubbing a sink and see myself scrubbing out those parts with stuck energy. Once the scrubbing is complete do another full body scan from head to toe with the white light and seal your visualization with a ¬†grounding. In your minds eye anchor your feet on the bare earth and feel them literally “rooting” into the ground and connecting back to the healing energy of the earth.

3. Exercise.

This is one of the best ways to get out excess energy and transform lower energies to higher ones in a very short amount of time. Working up a sweat is good for all parts of your body, it helps release toxins in the body, it helps to re-energizes the cells, de-stress our minds, increase our flexibility, strength and endurance AND it releases endorphins and dopamine both feel good chemicals in the brain.


It is important that we integrate these clearing practices into our daily routines as a form of self love. When we take care of ourselves first we are better equipped to actually be a fabulous representation of love for others. We can beam more love and light into this world the more we ground out, release and make sure our bodies, minds and energies are clear, bright and beaming with greatness. The first step is always awareness, the second step is aligned action.

Share with us your favourite clearing methods so we can all learn from each other’s wisdom!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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