The Power of Soul Inspiration- Day 180: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I am completely blown away with the response to yesterdays blog post.

(If you missed it click here)

This was a true example of the power of writing from the heart and following the direction of my higher self and my intuition. Yesterday I had the experience of being completely moved and inspired on a soul level and I allowed that energy to flow through me to create a beautiful piece of writing.

What this brought into my awareness is when I surrender my will or what I believe will be the best topic and allow inspiration to actually direct where the creation is to go- it’s incredibly powerful.

tumblr_mnxgu8RzYm1sp30b1o1_500It has also given me massive insight into the deep longing for women to experience more men of this calibre and the deep desire of men to transform into their best versions.

It also has caused me to be really present to the topics and ideas that stir my soul and how when I am in those vibrations of soul stirring delicious inspiration the impact is profound.

The more we allow this moments of soul inspiration to fill us up the more soulful inspiration we beam out into the minds and hearts of those around us. This is a gift we allow for ourselves and that we give to each other.

I am so excited to take this beautiful nugget of awareness into my work and into my life and allow more of these soulful inspirations to fill up my experience and infuse more love and blessings into the content I have the honour of producing.

The-Research-on-GratitudeI have so much love and gratitude for each and everyone of you who make my experience as a writer so fulfilling. Thank you lovers!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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