The Sexiest Thing a Man Can Ever Do. Day 179: 365 Radical Self Love Project

I am constantly blown away by the calibre of men in my life now. I’ll be honest with you it wasn’t always this way.

radical self loveI’ve made my journey through the most contrasting of relationships and dynamics with men. Men who are doing the best they can to express their understanding of what being masculine truly means. What I’ve learned from those men is what sexiness isn’t. To me sexiness isn’t the best dressed or machismo displays of dominance, “power” or strength. To me it isn’t the man who can outsmart and belittle others or the one who no matter what show he always has it together. It’s not the man who coolly supresses his emotions and plays it cool with women. It’s not the man with the best hair cut or the super cut body. It’s not any of those things.

A return to the true masculine- the sacred masculine.

I completely understand those types of sexiness and those types of masculine displays need to exist. To me they showcase a very valuable piece to our evolution. They show us the massive impact of a world where a lot of men are brutally cut off from the freedom to be. The freedom to be just how and who they are and be loved and accepted. It illuminates, through contrast, the immense possibility and potential we hold as a human collective to make things better. It shows us the pain, anger and destruction that comes from cutting off the emotions, the intuition and the feminine.

We all have masculine and feminine aspects within us. We have both sets of hormones just in different levels. Men obviously have more testosterone and women more estrogen. Here is the thing men have estrogen and women have testosterone. What this tells us on a spiritual level is that both genders are meant to learn, embrace and allow the lessons and power of the non-dominant energy within them. To do so causes the experience of balance, inner calm and inner peace. When women learn to balance their emotional and intuitive strengths with the energies of logic, rational and strength we see a emergence of women who are powerful beyond belief and who are humble, who are kind, who are compassionate and who can stand their ground when they need to.

radical self love

Likewise when men learn to balance their dominant energies of strength, forward motion, decisiveness and power with the more subtle feminine energies of receptivity, intuition and compassion we see an emergence of men who are powerful leaders, who instinctively understand the diverse nature of the human experience who then can use their powers of guidance to lead people toward their own empowerment. We see an emergence of men who not only know how to listen but also know the incredible power which resides within truly listening, they understand the value of being in touch and very aware of their emotions and find constructive ways to channel them. A man who is balanced in these energies is clear. Energetically he is strong, psychologically people know he can be relied on and is trustworthy. Men in their power understand the gift of vulnerability. 

The sexiest thing a man can ever do is to allow himself to express his vulnerability with power and clarity.

radical self loveThere is nothing else like it in the entire world. A man who is so connected and clear about who he is, doesn’t give a shit what other people will think or say if he speaks his truth. When he shares honestly what is up for him, what he’s been through and where he has fucked up he opens the space of possibility, rapport and leadership. He knows by doing so he will give other men and women the external permission they are seeking to do the same. He not only can be honest about his shortcomings but will also learn from them, and he will use this learning for his greatest good and the greatest good for all those who have the privilege and honour of meeting him.

He has learned spiritual surrender and knows inside of this surrender is where his true power resides. He knows by taking down his walls his power can radiate into the world and when his authentic power radiates into the world his mission and purpose can be wildly fulfilled. 

The sexiest thing a man can ever do is be real.

Real with himself and real with others. He is courageous enough to be real in such a way where communities are inspired to step into their greatness and bravely live their truth. This level of integrity, strength, honesty and raw vulnerability is the sexiest thing a man can do in my eyes.

radical self love kelsey grantI am so blessed I have a man of this calibre as my partner. Every day he continues to expand into his greatness and be a stand for what he knows in his heart to be true. He is a fearless leader, a loving and supportive partner and a courageous example of the journey of the sacred masculine. He is a powerful source of inspiration and guidance to many, myself included. A man who is willing to receive guidance, a man who shows me all of him, a man who is connected spiritually, emotionally and physically in this lifetime. A man who bears his soul so that others may find their own power and strength again. A man who reminds the world to love, to be a contribution and that we all have something of incredible value to share with this world.

Our experiences are given to us for many reasons one of which is to bravely and constructively share them with the minds an hearts of the masses. A truly powerful man understands this and leads by incredible example.

I am honoured to have a partner who has chosen to be all of this for the world and who continually shows up to do the sexiest thing a man can ever do- be real, be raw and be vulnerable. I know just by his and his circle of influence’s impact we will see a beautiful transformation in the minds and hearts of men and women for lifetimes to come.

With deep and loving gratitude to all the men who show up this way for the world, you are honoured, you are valued and you are so very loved!

Thank you for all you do to make this world a better, gentler and loving place to be.

Radical Self Love to the Max



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