Raising the Vibes One Kitten At A Time- Day 170: 365 Radical Self Love Project

imgresMy ramy-ramness (crabbiness) has carried over into today.

I’ve kept to myself for the most part and after spending the afternoon with my guy friends I knew I needed to do something to raise my vibes.


My go-to for raising my vibes has always been kittens. It’s fail proof- works every time.

cute_kitten_with_bow_tieSo I began my kitten perusal and came across this amazing blog post all about kittens and their cuteness (ask and you shall receive) and inside this blog post was a VIDEO of an epicly cute kitten meeting a hedgehog. Adorable.

This raised my vibes almost instantly.

The lesson in today: every day may not be perfect and it is up to us individually to find beauty in the most challenging of days. It wasn’t on anyone else to raise my vibes, it had to come from within. I had to take the actions I knew would lead me to an experience of feeling more grounded, centred and present.

At times this inner peace is activated through an external response. The key though is to use something of a positive nature that you know brings to you an experience of honest joy and heart happiness. Kittens are one of those things for me.

So today I went to my go to- and in doing so allowed my heart to open a wee bit more, and allowed myself the space to be where I was and do something constructive about it.



Meow it’s off to have a relaxing evening and an early night. A good nights sleep always sets things straight again 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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