Why It is Totally Ok To Be Anti-social, AKA Social Hibernation- Day 169: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Connection with other humans is amazing.

So is being anti-social, when it’s done to amp up the RSL vibes.

Today was one of those social hibernation days for me.

tranquilityquotesI stayed cocooned in my bed for as long as possible- until I actual ran out of reading material.

I moved to my work station and wrapped myself in a cozy blanket as I did some writing.

Then it was coffee time- which did mean a venture outside.

I put on the coziest scarf, a warm toque, rainbow mittens at stepped outside.

I went to the coffee shop and came home.

While I was out I noticed something about my state of mind. I was irritable. I was feeling really anti-social and I just wanted to hibernate from all forms of social contact and connection.

Nothing actually happened to trigger it, but I could feel within me my fuse becoming incredibly short. Today was a perfect reminder for me that some days are really meant to be spent in stillness, silence and solitude. I’m usually pretty chatty and responsive. Today I haven’t been. I’m not in a chatty or outwardly connecting mood AND I’m ok with it. When I get this way I know its a call from my spirit to connect with me.


After some reflection today I’ve noticed in the light of my busy couple weeks I’ve been feeling a little out of control in the sense that I feel as thought life is happening at a super busy pace, and I’m not having the time to get the work done I so deeply want to do. Then I realized I’m at the centre of that. I am the only one who creates my schedule and while my slightly anti-social feelings today are a lot to do with taking time to reflect and regroup, they are also bringing my awareness around being more diligent with my time.

It’s a solid lesson and a fabulous one to realize right before the start of the new week. Tomorrow is a day for me to set up for the week ahead and I now know I need a little more time with the phone off, in KG flow/work/writing land. I am the one who has to carve out the space for my morning routine, carve out the space to get all the writing done and for all the amazing projects I’ve got on the go. It is after all of these things are done- going forward- that I will be scheduling time with others.

It’s just the way it’s got to be to make sure I’m taken care of so I can show up 100% in all I do. This may not make some people happy- and I’m ok with it because it makes me happy. Ultimately this means when I do have time with people I can be present 100% and that is such a great gift. I would rather have my “stuff” handled so I can really be present and enjoy some one’s company.


I’m also heading into week  four of my cycle-which as you ladies know- is a fabulous time to be introverted and design my week in such a way where I respect this more sensitive and introverted energy. Ahhh the wonders of social hibernation- this time truly does bring so much goodness into my awareness. Without this feeling today I wouldn’t have come to this realization and perhaps would have had a very different week.

I’m excited to plan my week tomorrow- in a way that honours my energy, honours my flow and honours the gift of life I have been given.

So if any of you are feeling overwhelmed or like you want to go into social hibernation for a little bit- do it. Give yourself permission to do what is right for you. It makes you a better human and ultimately a greater contribution to this world!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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