The Impact of An Angel- Day 167: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today on Earth we lost an Angel.

News of Nelson Mandela’s death completely took me by surprise as I finished up my day and was heading home. It got me to thinking of what incredible achievements this man accomplished in his life time and that if we were all to step up to our deepest, truest potential we could indeed be present to see a new earth created.

A new earth where the common essence is love, freedom, compassion, grace, forgiveness, happiness and acceptance. We all have it within us to create beauty through our aliveness. The thing is, most people are operating on a default fear program. This fear based action creates an inner world of hostility which then is reflected in the outer world of pain and anguish. To shift this current state of the world- we must shift. We must cultivate a desire to co-create a better world. We do this through our energy, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our actions and ultimately through our unique contribution to this world aka your gifts.

radical self love

We all have within us the capability to achieve Nelson Mandela’s level of greatness. We are all born with the same capacity to love and be love. It is this deep understanding of love consciousness that leads leaders like NM to impact the world on such a positive global scale. We all have it in us to leave this place better because of our existence here.

The key is really owning how magnificent we truly are.

The key is knowing how much power we truly have.

The key is love.

nelson-mandela-quotesTo create long lasting change and transformation it must be rooted in only one thing. That thing is love. We can’t create outside of ourselves that which we do not experience within. This is the journey of Radical Self Love. It is the process of learning to love from the inside out. We must start with ourselves. When we come into acceptance of ourselves we come into acceptance of others. When we come into peace with ourselves we come into peace with each other. When we come into love with ourselves we come into love with each other. It really is that simple.

As I always say simple does not equal easy. To do this requires strength, discipline, awareness, courage and a willingness to forgive.

We must be willingness to release all that no longer serves, thus trading our suffering for peace, trading our pain for happiness, trading our fear for love.

As we send off a beautiful earth Angel back home, we do so from a space of great possibility for what can come from this incredible man’s life example. His life is a powerful reminder that our greatness passionately lies within and has a deep desire to be expressed in all of it’s glory- and we are the only ones who hold the keys to our greatness, the keys to our freedom.

nelson-mandela-love-3Be at rest beautiful Angel, we’ll take it from here,

It’s time to shine lovers ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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