Beauty is What Is Possible When We Open Our Hearts to Each Other- Day 166: 365 Radical Self Love Project

After a seriously uplifting day I couldn’t think of a better vibration to beam out to all you lovers.

More details to come tomorrow, from the incredibly beautiful day of overcoming past ways of being, receiving support, allowing the beauty of connection to burst into form. These were all themes of my day today.

I am grateful for each of the sacred moments and once I have a chance to process them and share them fully they will be coming atcha tomorrow!

radical self love kelsey grantUntil then allow the beauty of this video to bring some joy, connection and true beauty into your life. It is incredible what becomes possible when kindness is at the source of our actions. In this video you will witness the power of a kind gesture and the heart opening impact it has.

Wherever we are, whatever our lives look like we are all capable of extending kindness, we are all capable of coming together in the spirit of love and contribution and when we do magic happens.

Check out this video love faces!


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