How Being a Show Choir and Musical Theatre Junkie Set Me Up for Epic Success in Life- Day 163: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Show choir set me up for life.

From the wee age of 5 I was in some type of choir and once I entered into the 7th grade I entered into a phase of my life, which unbeknownst to me would lay the foundation for my future success as a teacher, coach and facilitator.

I joined a show choir.

From that point on I performed full time in this touring show choir, I was in every single musical theatre production my school produced and I got my first job dancing at a theme park as part of the stage show. I was a musical theatre junkie.

radical self love kelsey grant

Inside of the show choir there are three main principals that were foundational to my learning in performance and in life.

1. Leave your personal problems and drama at the door.

largeWhen it comes to my life now, whether I’m coaching, teaching or speaking I leave my shit at the door- ALWAYS. I have learned through this amazing principal when stepping on stage in any capacity to infuse only the best vibes into what is being presented. What this looks like is having a strategy and high enough awareness to know that whatever vibe I’m rockin is going to be transferred into the audience or client. I’ve learned through my extensive training to always bring the best to the stage- whatever stage that might be.

2. Treat the content with honesty, integrity and without embellishment.

This was one of the biggest learnings I was exposed to. Our strict directors and choreographers taught me the value of being teachable, learning the content and doing the content as it’s designed. If I wanted to create a Kelsey show, then I could do so, but every time I stepped into the choir or the theatre I was there to allow the previously designed content to be performed as it was original intended. Learning in this capacity allowed me the time and space to be coachable, put my own agendas aside and most importantly learn the value in honesty, integrity and being transparent. This allows me the capacity to honour the balance between the small details and the large scale vision.

3. Show up fully no matter how many people are in the audience.

radical self loveI absolutely love this incredible piece of training I received. I honestly believe this has allowed me to dissolve my ego and show up 100% whenever I work with someone or rock out a group. I have this deep seated belief and knowingness that it doesn’t matter if there is 1 person in the audience or 1000- the performance stays the same, the level of quality stays the same and the intention to serve remains at the same high level, because every performance or teaching session is an opportunity to make a positive difference. Inspiration is inspiration regardless of how many hearts and minds it touches in the moment. To do a show full out has the potential to leave an impression that lasts a lifetime and becomes the centre of many positive enrolment conversations. The impact of the positive ripple goes further than we can honestly ever forecast. That potential outcome is worth showing up every time.

These three fundamentals ensured my performance career was an epicly successful chapter of my life and set me up to succeed in any endevour in my future. For this wisdom I am forever grateful.

Musical Theatre for lifeeeee 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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