RSL’s Feature Friday: Mike Hrostoski and the Conference for Men- Day 161: 365 Radical Self Love Project

OHHHH YEAAAAA LOVERS, It’s Feature Friday time!!!

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantI am so freaking stoked to introduce you all to Radical Self Love member Mike Hrostoski. Mike is an incredible man who is up to epic work in the world. He is a coach for men, a straight shooter and one of the most genuinely kind people I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Why we love Mike and why he is our RSL Featured member today:

Mike’s whole policy in life is: The only thing that matters is LOVE. We totally get that and we are on the same vibe, BIG time. He has infused this deep wisdom into everything he does which means he shows up 100% in his life and anytime there is a possibility of making a difference for someone.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant Mike Hrostoski

radical self love kelsey grantMike has what I like to call Sage energy. He is calm, collected and chooses his words very mindfully. To me this illustrates a deep respect and compassion for himself and for others. He only says what needs to be said and always from a space of love- which in this day and age is incredibly refreshing. There is a spiritual strength which radiates from him naturally and I know this has everything to do with his connection to his heart.

Mike is one of the few men I know who is paving the way, through his example, for men to bravely open their hearts and feel into life. I’ve experienced my fair share of closed off men, men who are completely disconnected to themselves, to others, to their spirituality and most important to love. Which I now know was just a mirror to my own disconnection and blocks to love- however there is still loads of room to help and support each other which is exactly what Mike is up to.

Mike is here to transform how men show up in this world. He works with men 1-1 to help them breakthrough the emotional chains men in our culture so often place on themselves. He teaches there is safety and security in being vulnerable, in feeling our emotions, allowing love in and truly expanding into our incredible nature and potential as humans. He is giving this gift to men through his work.

DSC_4145I have mad respect for the work he does and the example he sets in his day to day life. Mike is the person who is fired up and passionate and is willing to say the things that most people think but are too scared to actually speak. He gives our inner firecracker a voice. He is frank and honest about the way men are showing up in their relationships, in their lives and in the world- and gives a tangible, accessible and integral example for them to follow.

As a woman I am deeply touched and moved by the work he does. I am so lucky to have a partner who is on Mike’s vibe of awareness, and I know there are many women who have partners who are not. Mike is here to help that change. He sees the impact first hand on he female friends who are struggling with men in their lives who seem to have blocks to love. His whole mission is to help dissolve those blocks.

radical self love kelsey grantI also honour him for leading by example. After the sudden passing of his mom, Mike left his corporate job and set out on a year filled with self discovery, pro-bono work and establishing a life and career which called him to be his greatest version. This personal journey opened his heart and contributed mega blessings into this world. I know the journey of the heart can be a deeply vulnerable and raw experience. I am honoured to have such a powerful male example of what it takes to get real, do the internal work and to expand into one’s brilliance via opening the heart, the feeling of emotion, the radical honesty and integrity and the commitment to being a positive contribution to the world.

I am so excited to live in a world where there are more men like Mike- who are living their truth, opening their hearts and rippling their unique gifts into the minds and hearts of the masses.

Mike currently has two pretty big projects on the go

First, I am so stoked to share an incredibly exciting event Mike has coming down the pipeline for spring 2014. He’s hosting “The Conference for Men” where 300 men will come together in San Diego for a weekend of accelerated growth, internal clarity, a boosting of confidence and the experience of a brotherhood of likeminded and like hearted men to vibe in community with. Pretty. Freaking. Awesome.

His second project is called EXECUTE and  is a retreat for the entrepreneur who knows everything but who hasn’t done anything. Mike has assembled a team of experts to take six entrepreneurs from 0-60 in seven days. This glorious project takes place in a mansion in Phoenix, AZ. This project always makes me smile when I read anything about it. Simply because I know so many people who are running their own businesses, have so much knowledge and just aren’t applying it to their fullest potential. This rocking project sets to transform that. Also Pretty incredible

For a man making this world better one guy at a time, I am deeply grateful and such a proud and honoured friend! Lets show him some love and appreciation cause this work is HUGE!!!

More deets on The Conference for Men event here:

More deets on EXECUTE here:

To connect with Mike further:


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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