Completing 2013 on an Epic High Note- Day 160: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It may be a little early to start the chat about wrapping up 2013 but I’m doing it any ways.

Tonight we wrapped up our RSL workshop series for 2013-with a profound BANG and on a beautiful high note.

Something I learned long ago was that it doesn’t matter whether there is 1 person in the room or 1000- your opportunity to make a positive impact remains the same. Tonight I know there were massive positive love ripples and an incredible profound impact made.

Exactly the way I had hoped it would go.

radical self love kelsey grant

I get so freaking lit up when I see the glimmer of ah-ha in someones eyes. Its really quite phenomenal. As a coach and facilitator I’ve gotten really good at tuning into people and it’s now at the point where I can see the wheels turning as they approach a breakthrough and I can see the integration when something which is shared really “lands” or resonates.

radical self love kelsey grantThere was an abundance of these moments tonight and for it I am humbled and so freaking ecstatic. I know as a facilitator I am at cause for this showing up AND I also know it is a collaborative win. Meaning without the people who show up, the brave humans who are courageous enough to challenge what they’ve been taught, the beautiful souls who are receptive to learning, growing and expanding, without these people it’s pretty challenging to cause any type of community impact. Tonight I am incredibly present to how incredible each of the women in that room is. True bright lights, just bursting with positive potential. They too are fully at cause for those moments.

Tonight was by far the ultimate best way to complete on a 4 month series of workshops. These workshops which are co-facilitated have begun to teach and share the beauty of Radical Self Love in all its many forms. To do this work is an honour, to share the stage with my co-facilitator Kristin is an honour and to be in community with all you amazing love puffs is the ultimate honour.

Thank you, you all teach me so much and are a massive, fundamental piece in helping me birth my soul’s dream into existence. I love you all deeply and I am so freaking stoked for the magic 2014 has in store! This is just the beginning baby! RSL Monthly workshops will return to the stage on the LAST THURSDAY of January and will continue to happen the last thursday of every month.

Thank you all for being a part of this dream, thank you for being a messenger of love and most of all thank you for being you-just as you are- perfect, vibrant, whole and complete.

Many blessings,

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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