Beauty, Abundance and the Power of Forgiveness- Day 159: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh wow!! Tonight we wrapped up the final classroom session for the 7 week RSL Forgiveness Course!!!

Kelsey Grant Radical self loveHoly, accomplishment lovers!

I am absolutely in awe of the magic which has transpired in the past 7 weeks with the beautiful women in the course. Each of them had a chance to share their great accomplishments and breakthroughs tonight and my heart is so completely blissed out.

There is something beautiful, sacred and magical when women come together in a spirit of love and kindness. Wounds- life long wounds- can be healed, hearts can be opened and transformation on a global scale is possible.

I have watched each of these women, grow, nurture their respective paths and ultimately flourish in their own self awareness and brilliance. To me this is the biggest honour.

I love teaching, I love to be a supportive pillar for transformation and I love watching people break out of their fears and OWN and revel in their exceptional beauty, abundance and brilliance. It is a true honour to have gone through this journey with them and I am so blessed to be part of a now growing community of women and men who are up to BIG things in life, who stand for each others greatness and who ultimately are transforming the planet through their example.

Tonight I am left with a huge expansion of my heart, a massive flooding of connection and presence to the true abundance we are all capable of aligning to.

One of my beautiful participants gifted me with this amazing completion gift:

radical self love kelsey grant

My favourite flowers

Chocolate (my two fav’s combined vanilla and salt in dark chocolate)

and Oranges- an abundance of them.

Tonight I am so present to the beauty and abundance I bring into the world through my own transformation, my own healing and my own forgiveness. I have learned so much about myself through teaching the one thing I needed more of- forgiveness.

I can proudly say my intention for this course has been wildly fulfilled and I am so proud of each of the women who showed up each week, who did the work (and they all did) and who opened their hearts and minds to the incredible power of forgiveness.

The world is a better place today because of the internal work these women have invested themselves into. More love beams are now possible through the opening forgiveness provides. More brilliance and connection is now possible. More women in harmony with one another is now possible. More women connected to their truth and following their heart’s path is now what is happening- All because they were all brave enough to expand their knowingness of forgiveness.

Ladies I truly acknowledge you, for your courage, for your vulnerability, for your honesty, for your transparency, for your willingness, for your growth, for your acceptance, for your wisdom and most of all for your love. Thank you for be-ing. You have made my role as a teacher so incredibly fulfilling and for this I am deeply deeply grateful.

The better it gets, the better it gets đŸ˜‰

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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