I Absolutely Adore This Community: Big Thank You’s Lovers- Day 158- 365 Radical Self Love Project

Wow, every day this RSL community gets better and better.


radical self love kelsey grantToday I asked for support in helping to generate the most powerful title for RSL’s first e-book and I’m quite honestly blown away with the incredible responses.

Not only did so many of you vote on your preferred title, so many of you gave indepth explanations of why you paticular selection resonated with you.

This my dears is incredible valuable and so deeply cherished. To know we are co-creating this community to serve the highest good makes my heart so incredibly happy. You are all incredible, amazing and deeply valued. Your contribution means the world to me and it is together we will co-create a massive self love movement.

radical self love kelsey grant

Thank you for all of your responses and thank you in advance to anyone who still is planning on sharing their perspective. I’m so excited to take it ALL in, every single piece of feedback and generate the most incredible first ebook for RSL.

You are all part of the magic and all part of this massive accomplishment/milestone. Grateful for you all more than you will ever know!!

Massive hugs and appreciation love faces! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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