Acknowledging Yourself- A Fabulous Lesson in Receiving Support- Day 157: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Today was an incredibly amazing day.

I had a fabulous morning rocking my RSL Routine, followed it up with an amazing interview for the Give Good Podcast and then an afternoon of epic conversations to continue to expand our incredible community.

One that stood out the most came from an unplanned, totally spontaneous coffee hang out. My roomie and I headed to a coffee shop this afternoon to catch up and obviously have this incredible conversation.

Inside of this convo he shared with me how I occurred to him- a strong independent person. Great right? Yes there is a lot fabulous with that- it also comes with the flip side of being very closed off to support, help and a feeling of “I can do it better alone”.


Story of my life. Literally.

I know this is a common default pattern of mine, to just want to do it on my own. I spoke about this in my interview this morning. One of my major limiting beliefs I’ve chosen to overcome (an it’s an ongoing process, these things don’t go away we just get more effective at handling and managing them when they show up) is my need to control everyone and everything.


He shared with me how beneficial he sees my work as and made it incredibly clear how he sees the entire world benefiting from the message I am here to share. He also called me out on not asking for help- in a very kind and compassionate way- and had me realize for the most part I have been keeping this under my tight control and a little allowing of support would do incredible things to take this entire project, company and coaching platform to levels I can’t even imagine right now.

I let the feedback in, I received it with love then I acknowledged myself OUT LOUD with him as my witness, for my willingness to receive his coaching.

radical self love kelsey grantWhen it comes to building the muscle of being receptive especially when it comes to external support positive reinforcement is always a game changer. The secret to this acknowledgement- it has to come from you first. You have to learn to acknowledge yourself first. What this does is creates a harmonious alignment and environment to receive others positive contribution and feedback. If we don’t see the greatness first we will reject it when it comes from another.

This conversation was an incredible gift, it opened the space for me to go into the rest of my day feeling confident, clear and strong enough to ask some pivotal people in my network for support in exactly the areas I was looking for. I have a deep desire to begin to donate greater and greater amounts to the charities I’ve selected and to do so requires a full coaching roster and full classrooms for my online courses in the new year. So I asked for what I needed and got an overwhelming positive response of support.

Ask for what you need- It will always be there. I wrote these words in a song of mine over a year ago and today I really got the impact of how magical this can be when I don’t try and go at it alone and allow the support, love and contribution from my tribe right in.

For all you curious cats here is more info on the current RSL coaching programs. 

Feeling incredibly grateful and blessed to be alive ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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