RSL’s Feature Friday- Earth Angels Day 154: 365 Radical Self Love Project

YEAAAAA!!! It’s Radical Self Love’s Feature Friday time!!! Today’s Feature Friday is a little different and incredibly significant.

EA_Logo_500-2Today I am giving a massive love shout out to all the beautiful Earth Angels who, through their daily contribution of kindness, love and light make all our lives a better place to be.

These are the people who will probably never be recognized for the incredible contribution they have made towards a stranger and who acted out of pure love to make some one’s day a little brighter.

There are a couple of these people who stick out in my mind today. One of them I don’t even know. I was sitting in a cafe in Dominican Republic the day I was coming home. I was inquiring with the people who I was eating with if any of them knew how long a commute to the airport would be and what the cost would be. None of them really knew and this caused a surge in my stress levels.

Out of no where a complete stranger, or as I like to call them- Earth Angel- approached our table. He mentioned he over heard our conversation and wanted to give me the information I was looking for since he was a resident of the area and could give me a little piece of mind with that seemingly small contribution. To me it wasn’t small. It gave me a HUGE amount of piece of mind and then allowed for the next Angel’s to show up moments later.

After knowing the details of how much and how long to get to the airport were in my experience the next step was to find a cab to get there.

Not speaking a word of spanish I had to ask for help. One of the women, another Earth Angel, with us was fluent in spanish and called numerous cab companies to help me to get a cab. After about 20 mins of no success I was getting super stressed.

I went back to the table and explained what was happening and that I didn’t have much time to find a cab and make it to the airport in time to board my flight.

What happened next was in my mind a miracle and an act of divine intervention. The wise wise man sitting across from me looked into my eyes and said this: “Kelsey, time isn’t out here, it isn’t outside of you. Time is in here (pointing to his heart), it is within you. You have the ability to shift and move time according to your internal state”.

It snapped me right back into the present moment. While I knew being stressed would repel that which I was trying to attract, I couldn’t quite get myself out of it. Enter the Earth Angel. Who in such a calm and knowing way reminded me of what I already knew and called me to relax, centre myself and remember all is within me already.

I closed my eyes, took a couple deep breaths and really tuned in to the knowingness that I would be taken care of and everything I needed would show up. Within what seemed like seconds, one of the cab companies called back the restaurant phone we had been calling from and told us they had found someone who was available to come and pick me up in 20 mins- exactly the time I had intended on leaving. A pure miracle. For this gift I am so grateful. Now any time I feel myself getting stressed I hear this Angel voice in my ear reminding me that time is within me and all I must do is calm down, centre myself and rock out in the present moment in the vibe of love and certainty. He may never know the immense impact that one little phrase will forever have on me and my life. Which is why today’s Radical Self Love Feature Friday is a tad different.

Today is an opportunity for me to beam gratitude, thanks and love to all of the Earth Angels who have crossed my path for sometimes seconds at a time and have given me the gift of empowerment, support and love. These people are constantly acting in ways to support the consciousness evolution of the people they come into contact with. They make the world better through their natural state of being.

So to all the incredible Earth Angels who have come into my life, and will continue to come into my life I offer you my deepest gratitude, the most abundant of blessings and a reminder that all you do is so appreciated, valued and seen.

If there is someone who you may not know, who has played this role of Earth Angel for you, share your story in the comments below. Even though they may never see your act of acknowledgement the energy of the blessing will transfer to them as well as everyone else who reads it. This is the ripple of kindness and the energy of love. When we give our blessings either out loud or silently it contributes to the evolution of us all- an evolution to our higher nature inside of the transformational power of love.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!


#radicalselflove #earthangels #gratitude


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