Stop Being so Darn Stingy- Your Gift is Meant For Sharing- Day 152: 365 Radical Self Love Project

We just wrapped up the second last session in our RSL Forgiveness Course and I am left feeling completely inspired.

I’m inspired by the courage, the vulnerability, the awareness, the openness, the contribution and the love each of the women in the course are beaming into each others lives and this world as a whole.

radical self love kelsey grantPart of our course material tonight was centred around the specific gift we are each blessed with. This is a quality within you that your community seeks out. It is a way of being you naturally exude that people are drawn to. This is the gift you are here to share with the world. After loads and heaps of reflection and pondering:

  • What is it that my community constantly seeks me out for?
  • What is the common feedback I receive from the people in my life?
  • What has been the underlying theme of my life and my actions?

The answer is simple:

My gift is acceptance, my gift is compassion, my gift is love.

This is what I give to people, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. It is the gift I leave them with after an interaction. This is what I am known for within my community. This is my gift, it is always present.

We often diminish the intense power laying inside these seemingly “small” packages. What there is to realize is how big these qualities are and that anything rooted in love is massive in scope and impact. Our gift is different than our talent.

Our talents are often the vehicle for the expression of our deeper gift. My gift is acceptance, compassion and love- my vehicle for these gifts is music, songwriting, speaking and coaching- all various talents of mine.

When we diminish the gift within we rip people off from the experience of love. Harsh-yes. True- yes.

We have all been on the receiving end of someone extending compassion, love or kindness and I doubt many people will account that being given such a deep gift was a negative experience. These are the moments that define our lives. These are the moments that can make the difference and save a life. A quality we deem to be small and insignificant is the exact ingredient another person needs to feel accepted, loved and safe. To withhold that is to be stingy and completely selfish.

Kindness ripplesYour gift isn’t about you or even for you. It’s for the rest of the world. It’s for the people who have lost hope and need to be reminded of the goodness and light in the world. It is for the betterment of this planet and it is for the evolution and expansion of the human race. That dear friends is a BIG friggin deal. That is significant. That is life altering. That is the impact which will be felt forever. That is the ripple of love.

Stop ripping us off from who you are and start claiming and owning that unique quality in you that contributes greatness towards others and this world. It is a big deal.

YOU are a big deal.

It’s time to make some epic transformation ripples lovers. Lets do this!

Share in the comments below or on our Facebook page under this post what your gift is that you give to us and to this world. ❤

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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