Ask and You shall receive: A romantic date request = a romantic getaway- Day 149: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Ask and it is given

This is one of the main principals inside of the law of intention and law of attraction. Whatever we ask for either verbally or energetically we are always granted. Taking it to the next level when we expect the best we allow the space for the most incredible option to manifest.

When my partner asked me a few days ago what I wanted to do for our date day my answer was simple:

  1. Something romantic
  2. Just the two of us

radical self love kelsey grantWhat I received was absolutely incredible. He surprised me with an overnight romantic getaway to Whistler. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, upon arriving we found out our room had been upgraded and we had the most stunning room with a massive king size comfy bed.

kelsey grant radical self love

radical self love kelsey grantWe spent the early afternoon exploring Whistler village, drinking coffee, doing some shopping, taking pictures and most important of all laughing, connecting and loving all over each other. It was the most perfect afternoon. He gifted me with a beautiful Iolite crystal ring and it was the most perfect energy for what I needed at that time- again illustrating the perfection of the Universal order.

photo 4

Our evening consisted of all the things we love: great food, beautiful snowfall, hockey, snuggling, wine and of course amazing sex 😉

photo 5

I am so incredibly grateful for the gift of this trip- I really got how much my partner cares for me and appreciates our relationship together. It was the perfect way to reground, reconnected and re-energize after a pretty intense couple weeks. I am so thankful to be spending my life with this incredible man and I am so friggin happy to have had the most perfectly romantic weekend away!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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