Everything Always Works Out Perfectly- Day 146: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight we rocked the rescheduled October’s DIY body products RSL workshop.

We had a way smaller turn out than usual and it was absolutely perfect!!!

What I loved most about this workshop was the fact of how it truly was a matter of divine timing. For whatever reason we were not meant to do this one in Oct and it was meant to happen tonight. The ladies that showed up were the perfect ones and we had such an incredible time!

radical self love kelsey grant

Being that it was all women who showed up tonight it made perfect sense to me we were all in a similar energetic vibe before we started. A couple of us were even on the same cycle which, we ladies know, can be an intense time.

What was beautiful to witness was how through our discussion, sharing of information and vulnerabilities we all opened and elevated our energies to new levels. By the end of the workshop we were all laughing, joking and getting some seriously delicious value out of each other’s company. I love co-facilitating these monthly workshops because as tonight clearly showed, it doesn’t matter how many people show up, what matters is who shows up. Whether it is 1 person or 100 there is always an opportunity to leave a positive impact and inspire change. What I am beginning to notice is the type of people who are being attracted into these workshops are so open, kind, loving and willing to learn and positively contribute and that I consider to be the biggest win of all. A room full of people vibrating in a common energy of love is a pretty special and sacred thing!

radical self love kelsey grantTonight we talked about the toxicity in common body and health products and how two simple changes could seriously improve our physical health and impact in such a great way our ability and willingness to love ourselves more. I absolutely LOVE what I do and that I get to have these incredible conversations and interactions with such beautiful souls.

Each of the women who showed up tonight are so beautiful and brought such an incredible energy to the space. To you ladies I am so grateful and so truly excited to keep on this path of awareness, growth and Radical Self Love!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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