Travelling is Amazing- And So Is Coming Home- Day 145: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Late late late last night I returned home from a 7 day Awesomeness Fest adventure in the Dominican Republic.

When I got home I came down the stairs of the airport and saw my beautiful man waiting at the bottom of the stairs. He was bursting with happiness and it quickly made me appreciate how amazing it is to be back home.

Sometimes when we go off to these incredible retreats, conferences or events we can get a little bummed when it’s over and we all go our separate ways. That was certainly my experience when I first started getting into personal growth work. I would get a high from the event, make amazing connections then go back to my life where the people I was surrounded by were nothing like the people I had just immersed with. This would cause an experience of sadness or lack.

kelsey grant radical self love

I quickly began to realize if I wanted the experience to change I had to change it.

So I changed my life.

kelsey grant radical self loveI moved cities, I practiced a positive outlook, built the muscles of personal growth and I created a brand new social circle with people who I shared new common interests with, namely personal growth. What developed over the past 4.5  years has been a beautiful family tribe whom I’m always excited and happy to come home to.

Today I spent the day flying solo prepping for session 4 of our 6 week RSL Forgiveness course. It was an incredible day, I slept in to recharge the energy batteries, I cleaned up a few things, set up my workspace, went for a walk got coffee, bought groceries and came home to write and positively vibe on the day. Every where I went today I was so present to how amazing my life is right now, just as it is. I appreciated greatly the amazing past week and I also realized what I have to come back to is equally as amazing. For this I spent today in deep deep gratitude and bliss.


I am so happy to be back home and to reconnect with all the incredible love faces here in Vancouver whom are a part of my beautiful life. BIG LOVE LOVERS!! Our workshop for November is all about creating on purpose friendships and social networks of empowering people so stay tuned for those event details which I will be releasing this coming Friday Nov 15th!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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