3 Steps to Awakening Paradise Within You-Day 144: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Well lovers today I make my way home and as I was at the airport I kept over hearing versions of this phrase:

“We’re so bummed we are leaving paradise and going back home to real life”.

radical self love kelsey grantIt made me realize that for a lot of people going on vacation is a way to let go, relax and step away from the regular life they live. Let me preface this entire blog with there is absolutely nothing wrong with that or living in this manner. What I do know though is there is so much bliss, possibility and abundance awaiting us if we step out of living a life of “I just have to” or “I have no choice” and begin living our lives on purpose.

This means creating paradise right now, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. We all have the birthright to live a life of freedom, happiness and love and I know from my experience that there are 3 simple steps to awakening paradise within. Check em out lovahs:

radical self love kelsey grant

1.Create paradise within your life as it is right now. If you live a life you feel you must escape from, which is why most vacations are taken, there is a good chance you are not living up to your fullest potential. The thing I have observed is this…we are living in a world predominately structured around fear. It makes sense to me that people do not want to leave the security of their good jobs for the unknown. I’m not suggesting everyone go out and quit their jobs, I am however offering the consideration that if you aren’t happy getting up every day and doing what you are doing there is always something better available. There are two things to do in this case. The first is to bravely declare your true passion and what your life would look like if you truly dove in and lived your dream. Then begin taking steps EVERY DAY towards it. Again, no sudden rash decisions that leave you negating your responsibilities, thats not loving love faces 😉 The second thing to do is to find a way to love what you do. There is always a different way we can look at the things we do that will give us way more inner freedom and experience of happiness. This will mean you become a VERY active participant in your life and will begin the process of practicing the art of reframing. Reframing is when we first initially perceive something through the lens of fear and it leaves us with an experience of unhappiness, and when we notice this misperception we correct it by finding the positive within the current circumstances.

radical self love kelsey grant

2. Create paradise within you. If you are in a dysfunctional relationship with yourself it will be nearly impossible to be present to the gloriousness of life around you. This will require you to speak kindly to yourself, get really honest with you about where or how you are OUT of alignment with what you know your truth is, when you have honestly identified this misalignment begin taking steps to correct it and move closer and closer to this heart centred alignment. This will mean establishing a Radical Self Love Routine for yourself and honouring yourself by investing your energy and time into at least one positive self love practice a day EVERY day. Choose something you know you will actually keep up. Maybe it’s meditation, maybe it’s gratitude journalling, maybe it’s making a daily list of accomplishments, maybe it’s planning your day and following through on all your intentions, maybe it’s a certain type or amount of exercise, maybe it’s an integration of green juice or smoothies each day, maybe it’s a commitment to reading and learning personal growth for an hour each day. The possibilities are endless. Just choose one. Once the muscle is strong you can add more in. Set yourself up for success by setting attainable goals. Don’t try and do all these things at once- that would be setting yourself up for inevitable failure. This is a process of patience and gentleness. The path of self love is a gentle and respectful one. Respect yourself and design your RSL practice in a way that makes sense to you and only you.

radical self love kelsey grant

3. Create paradise within your relationships. This will mean seeking magic, seeking joy and seeking communities and connections which are a positive contribution to our lives. This will also mean doing a clean sweep of the social circles you belong to currently and getting real about whether those people, environments or activities are in all HONESTY a positive contribution to your life and whether they are enriching you, growing you and expanding you towards your greatness. If they aren’t it’s time to let go. You can’t take everything with you when you go into the future. If you are truly committed to creating paradise within each moment you have to let go of all that weighs you down and  this includes the people who are constantly injecting negativity into your experience. You serve no one by keeping these types of relationships active. Sometimes the biggest catalysts for change are when things change quickly and those who are negative allow them to find their respective tribe. You do not need to play the role of victim enabler or sympathetic friend to someone who is more committed to their misery than changing what needs to be changed to be happy. You alone are responsible for all you experience and when you clean the social networks, the friendships, the intimate relationships and family relationships you create A LOT of space for the right kind of people to come in. These are the people who hold you to your greatness, who focus on the positive, who seek the opportunity, who are active participants and creators of their lives, who call you on your shit and don’t let you get away with playing small, who love you as you are, who accept you as you are and who are living, breathing examples of love’s presence on earth. Keep those ones.


Your paradise is awaiting you, direct your life accordingly 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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