Lisa Nichols and Epic Epic Transformation- Day 143: 365 Radical Self Love Project


photoToday was by far the biggest transformational day for me here at Awesomeness Fest. While our event officially closed last night the beautiful Lisa Nichols rocked a free day long workshop for all the Afest delegates.

The entire day observing her deeply confirmed the ways in which I facilitate, teach and speak are totally on the path of success. It was one of the best possible omens the Universe could have sent my way.

I also had the incredible honour of being receptive, taking in a whole new bunchle of information and having some pretty sacred connections.

We closed out the day long workshop with a limiting belief re-wiring exercise. This is the second time I’ve done it and like anything we do in the world of growth and expansion it was deeper, vulnerable and produced some epic results.

I chose to integrate this new belief: I am willing to receive financial abundance.

This exercise was done with 3 other people who support the rewiring. After completion of the exercise I was offered by one of my “earth angels” a couple perfect resources to support me in the next steps for growing our company and being a beautifully abundant business. About 45 minutes later I was encouraged by my beautiful new friend Denise Duffield (check out her incredible work here) to go and grab a picture with Lisa.

We headed back to the room and right before the picture happened I was offered a speaker slot on a summit series this new year talking all things Radical Self Love and moving from Fear to Freedom!!!!!!

I’ll be integrating this incredible exercise into my forgiveness course going forward so any of you who are ready to let go of the things that hold you back and want to learn HOW to rewire a belief and actually do the work to clear it, hit me up @ and I’ll send you all the deets for our next live course and online course!!!

This trip was absolutely exactly where I needed to be to go to the next level. I am so humbled and grateful for the incredible people I met, the new friends I’ll be taking forward and the invaluable wisdom which was shared over these last 5 days in paradise!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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