The Beauty and Gift of “Sacrifice” Day 142:365 Radical Self Love Project

I learned a very valuable lesson about sacrifice this past week at Afest.

radical self love kelsey grantThe context to which I am giving meaning to the word Sacrifice:

Giving up something of a lower nature for that of a higher nature.

During this week away at Awesomeness Fest I totally allowed this principal to be present. I made the choice to enjoy this event without drinking. Being at an all inclusive and at an event where 50% of the event is social, networking and party time this was a big choice to make.

I chose to give up something of a lower nature for me (Drinking-I don’t feel very good emotionally, physically or spiritually when I drink) for something of a higher nature (incredible opportunities, lifelong soul connections and the amazing gift of presence).

Being sober attracted me towards a different group of people, inside of this I’ve had some of the most heart opening inspiring conversations and I am totally certain these conversations are beginning to develop into amazing friendships. It also made me a strong magnet for attraction. My energy channel was clean and a pure magnet for on purpose soul connections and some incredible opportunities for the future!

This lesson was incredible valuable because it has called me to look at what other “lower” things I have in my life that I can give up or sacrifice to allow more love and amazingness in!!! Going to the next level baby!!

Radical Self Love Project!



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