How Juicy Honesty Leads to Awesomeness Breakthroughs- Day 141: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Whatever you have to forgive, someone somewhere has to forgive something bigger.

images-2Right now I just finished listening to one of the most inspiring presentations at this years Awesomeness Fest. The beautiful Luminita Saviuc. She is the woman behind Purpose Fairy and Love Fairy– who incredible sites for inspiration and personal growth awesomeness 🙂

Real, honest and vulnerable. This is what she brought to us today. She shared a incredibly soul opening account of her life and her experiences growing up. To listen to the intense abuse her father inflicted on her and her family growing up made me really become present to- whatever you’re dealing with someone somewhere is dealing with something more intense.

The major give-aways from her talk really resonated with me and our vibe here at RSL. Check them out:

How people treat you does not determine your self worth. How you think is what determines your self worth.

  • The early childhood abuse lead to a development of an internal self abuse. Which then manifested in toxic relationships and struggle. This struggle became the deep catalyst for her immese growth and standing in her truth. She broke through and began to realize first hand that how people treat you does not determine your self worth. The only things that determins your self worth is how you treat you. How you feel about yourself and how you perceive the events of your life will determine your level of self worth.

Let it go.

  • Let go of the old to make room for the new, and you make room for new talents to emerge. Helps you become your own healing. “Your salvation will not come from the outside”. What determins who you are is what you do with that which was done to you, or that which you experiences. We will either attach to our own pain or attach to our greateness. When we do this we surrender to our serenity.

Healing from the inside out aka FORGIVENESS

  • If you do not heal the past it will keep showing up. When we hold on and refuse  you will keep recreating the same circumstances until we “get it” and extract the golden lesson and wisdom within each painful experience we have.
  • Give yourself permission to extend forgiveness towards those people who have hurt you and forgive yourself for being hurtful to people. We are all doing the best we can where we are at. Remember that.


Such an incredible presentation and a total reconfirmation of the power of self love!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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