RSL Feature Friday: Olivia Keane- Day 140: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Oh ya baby!! It’s Feature Friday time!!!!

radical self love kelsey grantI am so incredibly stoked to introduce you all to the beautiful RSL member Miss Olivia Keane. Olivia is a burst of incredible high vining energy in the Universe. She is positive, motivating, inspiring, and BOLD. Olivia is the co-founder of Keane to Be Fit a fabulous company dedicated to spreading high vibes, health and the delicious awesomeness of fitness. She is a coach, inspiration speaker, teen mentor for self esteem and healthy body image, a personal trainer and educator.

This woman has truly embraced a no-limitations policy in her life. I know Olivia to be a incredibly dedicated, passionate, integral, respectful, responsible and hilarious human being. Every time I have had the pleasure of working or colliding with her we always have the most outrageous and ridiculously hilarious time. 

radical self love kelsey grantHigh vibes buzzing together and colliding just creates more high vibes. This is what happens every time Olivia enters the room, any room. Her energy calls people to step up and elevate who they know themselves to be. She is a boundary pusher in every single way. If you have a comfort zone you will soon be leaving it in her presence. She does this with her coy and mischievous nature and beautiful loving heart.

Why we love Olivia and why she is our Feature Friday member today:

She is a woman on a heart centred mission. Her whole reason for doing anything she does is to empower people, specifically women. This is part of the reason behind her new project For The Girls- a monthly interview speaker session for women, to increase self esteem, sisterhood connection and the beauty of self love.


Olivia’s deep intention to connect with people on a real level gives them access to actually stepping into their potential, embracing their greatness and truly shining and thriving in their lives. This is a HUGE gift to the people she meets and is a true contribution to the world.

1419998_10153421214950564_308253293_nOlivia is a master at coaching peeps how to break through the shit that holds them back. Her back ground in fitness and nutrition is a solid resource for anyone looking to increase their self love, self confidence and step into their purpose. She has learned quite well how to balance the masculine yang energies and the feminine yin energies within. Meaning she knows when some good solid butt kicking needs to take place and is completely confident in going their and calling people on their shit AND she also knows when to be gentle, nurturing and receptive. Her desire to embrace her inner goddess and come into greater alignment has allowed her the space to live a life of her dreams each day, expand the vision and scope of her company and branch out to make an even bigger impact in the world.

This woman has truly infectious positive energy and anyone who has the opportunity to meet and connect with her will know on a deep soul level the blessing of being in this goddesses presence. She is a true joy to be around and we are most honoured to feature her and all her awesomeness today!!!


Check out her new Project For The Girls here (You will find the interview we did together a few months ago):

Connect with Olivia:




Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!






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