Doing Nice Things For Others Makes This World More Beautiful- Day 136: 365 Radical Self Love Project

We all know the power of kindness.

radical self love kelsey grantSometimes in the shuffle of “life” we loose sight of what is truly important. Anytime I get worried, upset, confused or frustrated I always ask myself when I become aware of my annoyance “Ok Universe, how can I be of service right now?”

What this does is immediately shift my focus from being on that which I do not want and begins the process of getting back into a high vibe. The best way I know how to do this is through doing nice things for others or acts of kindness.

Pondering this magical solution all day got me to understanding the link between our healing and being of service. I truly believe part of my speedy healing has been partly to do with my focus shifting from the physical pain I was feeling to do what I could do to be of service.

During this time being of service looked like having positive, inspiring and heart/perspective opening conversations with the people around me since that is really all my body would physically allow to happen.

Being of service can look any way you like.

kindness pass it onGet creative. Being of service doesn’t have to be a massive world altering act. It can be so simple as leaving a post-it note for your roommate on their mirror with a nice message, it could be sending an encouraging text to a friend or loved one, it could be buying a stranger coffee, it could be opening the door for someone, holding the elevator, smiling at someone you pass on the street, or using your talents to make someones day.

This reminded me of a song I recorded a few years ago for my roommate at the time. She absolutely LOVES the Keith Urban song “Tonight I Want To Cry”, so I learnt it on the guitar and recorded a quick 5 minute video of me playing it. This didn’t take a lot of my time or energy and it left such a positive impact.  We all have the capacity to do these types of things for each other. Here is the video for some musical inspiration 😉

The things you do each day make a difference, so make them count 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


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