Happy Halloween- Day 132: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Happy Hallows Eve Lovers!!!!

imagesHalloween is my second favourite holiday/celebration time (Thanksgiving is my fav).

I’ve always been fascinated with magic and all things witchy, so naturally having a night to celebrate the mysteries and magic of the Universe is high on my LOVE list.

images-2Originally today we had planned to rock our monthly RSL workshop and in an unexpected turn of events we had to cancel the event as I threw out my back really intensely and can barely move. Inside of being a day dedicated to the magic and mysteries of life I dove into the mystery of why this happened on this day.

Being immobile is a very clear message to me that I need to slow down. Every move I’ve been able to make has happened very slowly and with major intention. I got me to pondering how much I just operate on auto-pilot and don’t give much thought or intention to the most amazing things like walking.

Buddha_Doodles_Supported_MollyHahnIt has also given me the opportunity to really receive. Receive help and nurturing from the people around me. I’m usually pretty self sufficient and I believe this is the Universe’s way of bringing my attention to a little imbalance. I love to give and part of being in harmony is to balance the giving with receiving. I am currently being blessed with the opportunity to fully receive.

To have such amazing people around me today who truly just want to help and be of service has opened my heart even more. Inside of this little speedbump I have truly experienced how much love I have in my life all the time and I am truly blessed to have such an incredible partner and friends.

Even though my body is in an experience of pain my heart is happy, I’m feeling the love and trust this is happening for my highest good. 😉

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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