7 Steps to Skyrocketing Self Esteem- Day 131: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight I am teaching week #3 of the RSL Forgiveness Course

The major theme tonight is self esteem, integrity, self love and how forgiveness is interwoven through these themes.

Seeing as how elevating self esteem has been the focus of my creation for the past week I wanted to share with you 7 steps you can take right now to begin to boost the self esteem.

radical self love kelsey grant

Why is self esteem so important? It is our driving force underneath the choices we make, what we attract into our lives and at the root of the standards we keep for ourselves and others. Our ability to love ourselves is directly related to our perception of self- our self esteem.

The higher our self esteem the higher our self love.

radical self love kelsey grantThese two work hand in hand. If you focus on cultivating more self love your self esteem will be raised as a result. Likewise if you focus on raising your self esteem your self love vibes will increase as a result.

The biggest form of self sabotage and breaking of self esteem we use is simple. Breaking our word to ourselves. Everything else stems out of this. If we break our commitments and word to ourselves we will break commitments to others as well.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

Before we can effectively keep our word out in life and out in all of our relationships we have to learn how to keep the promises we make to ourselves. Every time you make a promise to yourself and break it you chip away at your self esteem and let a little more love out of your self love tank.  We do this all the time. Promise to get up earlier, drink more water, eat better there are so many promises we make to ourselves that we continually break and then we tell ourselves “Well it doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t impact anyone but me”.

This is the trip up.

It does impact more than you. Firstly your relationship to you is precious and if you don’t care about keeping that one healthy, vibrant and in harmony with your internal honour code (integrity) you other relationships will indeed be impacted. What you unconsciously vibe out to people when you break your word to you is this:

* I’m not trustworthy

* I’m not valuable

* I’m not worthy of greatness, love, success

* I can’t keep my word (unreliable)

radical self love kelsey grantAll of this can be cleaned up simply by reassessing what you are committing yourself to and WHY. Determine what your values are and then ONLY make choices that honour your internal values, to anything else is a disservice to your spirit (and it sends mixed messages to the Universe). Then only make promises to yourself that you KNOW you can and will keep. Start small and build up your muscle of internal trust and integrity.

7 Additional Self Esteem Boosters

1. Stand up straight. Pull your shoulders back and let your heart shine.

2. Smile, make eye contact with people and FLIRT with life. Be playful in your day to day.

3. Get clear on your values and then act in accordance to them.

4. Talk nice to yourself.

5. Input healthy energies into the body.

6. Clear out stagnant energies (exercise, meditation).

7. Learn something new you are passionate about every day. Make it part of your daily ritual to honour your spirit.


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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