How Your Self Expression is a Gift To the World- Day 127: 365 Radical Self Love Project

We live in a world that doesn’t always encourage self expression

imagesWhen I was growing up I received really empowering messages from my family to be myself, that I was good enough just the way that I was and to just be self expressed. As I went through life I began to see conflicting messages in the media and in the social dynamics between peers, I began to learn:

Growing up and being different = being an outcast.

We all want to belong and know that our presence means something. During my childhood and early teens I began to succumb to the pressures of fitting in and slowly started to silent my individuality and self expression.

This had a HUGE impact on my inner world. Suppressing the essence which makes me ME slowly began to lower my self esteem and confidence. It became so exhausting to keep up this facade. For it all to change I had to get to the point where the pain of withholding my true nature out weighed the pain of potentially being an outcast.

I got to my F*ck It stage.

This was the point in time when I realized how silly it was for me to keep seeking the approval of others in my social circle and got fed up with living my lie. So I started to express myself, share my thoughts and opinions and live my life according to my heart.

At first there was a total uproar from those close to me. My boyfriend at the time did not like this person who all of a sudden showed up, my friends who knew me as a partier no longer vibed with my whole self discovery and living on purpose thang. In all fairness I was not the same person they had grown to know, and of course it was shocking and challenging.


I could no longer live my life to make other people happy. I had to live my life to make me happy.

images-2Even though there was some major kickback from my community at the time something even more magical happened. I began to find my tribe. The collection of people who actually loved me for me. This could only happen when I started to show up authentically and let people in on who I really was. At first I was scared shitless and as I continued to receive positive feedback from this new circle of friends I began to relax into being me. The other relationships faded away and I was ok with letting them go. On many levels I knew they had to go to make the space for the more on purpose relationships to show up.

It was inside this new found self acceptance I was able to start to share my unique gifts with the world. I was now comfortable writing and sharing my original music, I was delighted to own what I was passionate about and make it happen and most importantly I was completely lit up just by being me.

This short video was such a great reminder of where I started out at- being a silly, self expressed, artistic child- and where I have returned to- a silly, self expressed, artistic adult. I hope you enjoy her awesomeness as much as I did and that she inspires you to reclaim a little more of your self expression and share that juicy goodness with the world.

We are waiting and wanting you to shine!! xo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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