How Control, Healing and Forgiveness Returned Me To Love- Day 124: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Tonight was session two of our RSL Forgiveness Course and it was an epic success!!!

heartenergyI feel truly blessed to be sharing the sacred space with such open and beautiful souls. I had the honour of being present first hand and witnessing some incredibly powerful shifts and transformations within all of the participants tonight. Pure magic.

The one fundamental I taught tonight is really sticking in my brain:

Our need for control leads us to our healing.

Our healing is only accessed when we forgive.

We withhold forgiveness because it is linked to an unconscious belief of control and a false perception of power.

On very deep and spiritual levels we know forgiveness sets us free. Free from the weight of our past, free from the stories and perceptions we create in our minds and free from all the baggage which holds us back. Forgiveness activates the presence of love within us and within our experience of life.

When the energy and flow of love is running the show life moves quickly. This means CHANGE happens and it happens fast. The Universe wants goodness to come in so when we create an opening it floods in with gusto. Human beings often resist change (myself included) and especially change that includes unknown territory (of being truly blissed out, happy, fulfilled, abundant and healthy).

sacral-chakra-300x300When we are unforgiving we are on an unconscious level attempting to try and control the rate of change and stop the perceived pain of the future from getting to us. Unforgiveness (holding resentments, anger, upset, pain, suffering) blocks our ability to create in alignment with spirit because our access point-the heart- is closed. It slows down the speed of life. Meaning we are saying unconsciously “I am not ready for life to move fast” and gives us the false belief that we actually can control time and the speed at which things happen.

When good things happen they happen fast

Forgiveness opens the flow. It shifts our perception from “eye for an eye justice” to that of spiritual maturity, sacred union and the profound nature of our human relationships. It shows us the hidden meaning inside of the pain we feel, inside of the experiences we have and allows us the opportunity to command our spirit back from the past where we have attached it to pain memories.

Without the weight and heaviness of our past our rate of attraction and manifestation speeds up. We become more receptive energetically to embracing and accepting the good in the world and all the goodness the universe wants us so deeply to experience.


Forgiveness is a massive act of courage and the truest form of love I have come to know and understand.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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