Socks of Affirmation- Day 122: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Affirmations are powerful little tools

Today I found a super cute way to enhance my daily intentions and positive affirmations.

Affirmation socks!

radical self love kelsey grantFor true- check them out!! Each sock has a positive word on the bottom! I’m so happy with this find 🙂

Sometimes its just the simple things in life that make it the sweetest.

Plus who doesn’t love cute socks?!!

What I love most about them is the intention behind them. Conscious merchandise and the intention of rippling more love vibes into the world makes my heart so happy. It reminds me of how much goodness really is in this world.

It will also be a wonderful reminder to remain grounded and rooted in my daily affirmations and intentions as I go through my day!

What are your favourite daily affirmations to keep your vibes high, consistent, positive and loving? Share with us in the comments below!! xo

radical self love kelsey grantRadical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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