A Choice of Love is a Choice of Peace- Day 123: 365 Radical Self Love Project

When things aren’t going right go left.

radical self love kelsey grantSometimes in life we hit roadblocks. It’s just part of the process. The entire journey of Radical Self Love has taught me loads and heaps on how to deal with these roadblocks more effectively.

This afternoon I hit one. I was doing some adminy stuff for the website/company and it just wasn’t working. My past behaviour would have been to get super frustrated and keep going at it until it “fixed” itself. Instead today after the second attempt of resolving the issue failed, I stopped. I took a deep breath and I moved on.

The Tool of walking away, cooling off, giving some space and returning to love

Where else in our lives could we use such a powerful tool? A good time might be in the heat of an argument with a partner. Inside of relationship fights we are often so set on being right and making sure the other person is wrong that we will keep at it and hammering away at the same points, in the same fashion until one party gives up and the other one “wins”.

In my experience this isn’t winning at all. It’s enhancement of the ego and the ripple of fear, anger and upset into the world. I certainly have done this, many times. Every time I do I get the same result- more pain, more upset and more separation.

A choice of Love is a choice of peace

radical self love kelsey grantWhat I am ever learning to do is to stop the dysfunctional behaviour right away. Often times this means a cooling off period. This can be applied to anything. Blocked creativity, relationship blowouts, business problems- it really is the same solution. Stop “trying” to find the inspiration or the answer, instead get up, move around, get outside, go interact with people, focus on being of service, do anything that takes your mind off the issue and brings you back to the bliss of this present moment.

Through the process of diverting the attention off the lack or that which is not working, we free ourselves up for divine flow, creativity and inspiration to enter into our conscious awareness. This is when the miraculous solutions appear. We have to open to them. The only way we are open to, what I like to call Divine Intervention, is when our hearts are open. Our hearts are open when we are vibin in love and in the present moment.

I trust the solution will appear for the website and the admin stuff. For now I have chosen to let it go, focus on creating a wonderful forgiveness session for tomorrows classroom, planning my man’s bday present and showing up for my life in just a different way than I had originally planned today.

I know when I free up the space around the “issue” it will resolve itself very quickly and in a manor I could not yet see. So until that moment I will enjoy this one. I will savour the sweetness of this day. I refuse to allow a tiny setback today spiral my energy and day out of positivity land. I choose faith, I choose happiness, I choose surrender, I choose peace and most of all I choose love.


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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