Getting Back in the Saddle: My Return to Teaching- Day 117: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Holy awesomeness!!!

Tonight marks a very significant point in my RSL journey. Tonight I returned to one of my major passions…writing courses and teaching those courses.

I took quite a long break on the whole coaching and teaching front. I began to reawaken the facilitation and creation muscle with our monthly workshops which kicked off over the summer, but something was pulling at me to play bigger and put myself out there even more.

radical self love kelsey grant

So I did it, I got back into the saddle

I made a huge announcement a few weeks ago that I would be teaching a course on Forgiveness. I went on to interview each attendee to ensure ultimate harmony and learning and then got to researching and developing course content.

If you want to experience growth in a major way, teach what you most need to learn. Forgiveness had been this elusive “thing” to me growing up that really didn’t mean much or hold much significance. As I have gone through my life journey I have come to understand how important forgiveness truly is in maintaining states of flow, activating inner harmony, cultivating inner peace and ultimately expanding my self love. So I made the choice to follow the guidance of my spirit and get back in the teacher role.

I loved every single second of it

Each of the women in the course are such beautiful gems and so incredibly precious. I feel so honoured and blessed to have the privilege of guiding them through this inner journey of forgiveness and self love.

radical self love kelsey grantI had a bit of a rocky start to the day with a little squabble with my partner and then I applied one of the main principals- invest your energy, emotion and time into something you care more about than your pain and suffering. This reminded me to surrender into service mode and invest my energy into creating and facilitating the best possible session one I was capable of producing.

It was an epic success.

Vulnerability, rawness, open hearts and most importantly love, support and community blossomed in the room tonight. I am so freaking stoked to continue this next 6 weeks with these precious Goddesses. They have so much to teach me about who I am, how I show up and how to use my path for the greater good and for this I feel deeply blessed. I am giddy with heart warming joy to have attracted such a perfect group of Radical Self Lovers getting their forgiveness ON and ready to ripple more love into this amazing world.

I also know this is the beginning of teaching at a higher level and on a greater scale. I had visions tonight of teaching this course and courses like it in auditoriums and large seminar spaces. The miracles and blessings of this path will continue to make themselves known as I keep taking the small committed steps I am presented with each day. So stoked for right now and for all the goodness on its way!

radical self love

That thing that scares you the most, makes you say “I don’t know if I can do that, I’m scared”, run towards it because there is something epicly beautiful waiting for you on the other side and once you have jumped and find yourself on the other side, you will laugh at your hesitance to explore the callings of your soul.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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