It’s Canadian Thanksgiving- What Are You Grateful For? Day 114: 365 Radical Self Love Project

radical self love kelsey grantToday it is Canadian Thanksgiving and my most favourite holiday of the year!!

I love the colours of fall, I love the coziness of the season, I love bringing family together, I love massive family dinners and most of all I love being thankful.

At least from my vantage point in life there is a whole lotta good to be grateful for. I like most sometimes forget. I get caught in the busy-ness of life and occasionally my gratitude practice wavers. Today is a beautiful reminder to re-presence myself to the abundant blessings within my life and the expansive freedom maintaining a regular gratitude practice ushers in.

kelsey grant radical self love

Since our family tribe is rockin our family dinner tomorrow I took today to take it slow and re-tune into the beauty in my life. This is how my day shaped up:

  • I stayed and snuggled in my warm bed this am with the bright sun shining through the windows.
  • I spent the first 30 mins of being awake watching this gem of a video and having my heart chakra blasted open: 
  • I got up did a lil work, seriously I only spent 45 minutes working this am 😉
  • Made a green smoothy.
  • photoWent for a beautiful run outside in the sunshine and fresh air.
  • photo copySpent some solo time in reflection while enjoying a post run coffee.
  • Picked up dinner items for an untraditional Thanksgiving dinner tonight: Home made gluten free PIZZA
  • Came home set up our official Meetup group page, our Youtube channel and completed a few admin tasks.

Meow I’m off to make a beautiful dinner, catch up with my poppa and have a super relaxing evening with my roomies and my man!!
Wishing you all the most beautiful Thanksgiving blessings! What are you most grateful for today? Leave us a comment below!! xoxo

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!




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