7 Steps For Getting in the “Creative” Zone- Day 113: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Yesterday my plan was to have a chill Saturday.

This morning I woke up and changed my mind.

radical self love kelsey grantGiven the loads of tasks to complete for RSL and my higher energy levels I opted for a high vibin creative work day.

To get into this creative zone today I rocked a few fundamental steps to optimize my energy and enter into a state of flow.

7 steps to activate creative zone flow

1. I hydrated. The first thing I did today was drink a litre of water to rehydrate my brain, wake me up and flush out any stagnant energies from my sleep.

radical self love kelsey grant2. I worked out. I rocked a solid cardio workout, completed my daily ab challenge requirements and made sure to work up a sweat.

3. I did an oracle card reading then set my daily intention.

4. I fueled up my body. Ate a delicious high protein breakfast and grabbed a coffee.

5. I made a list of to-do’s. Doing this organizes my daily tasks and makes things way more manageable and fun to achieve.

radical self love kelsey grant6. I laughed and chatted with my roomies and snuggled our visiting puppy. These things always raise my vibes and get me in the space for awesome intentional creation.

7. I found some solid chakra healing/sound healing videos on Youtube and I set them up as my work playlist for the day.

radical self love kelsey grantRocking these 7 simple actions ensured I was grounded, clear and ready to welcome in the creative flow. Doing so allowed me the mental and emotional space to complete 95% of the creative content for my new website and the physical energy to rock an entire day of creative work.

What are your steps for getting in the creative zone? Share with us in the comments below or on the FB page- we can learn so much from each other!! 🙂

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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