Feature Friday: Kristin Zerbin and RAWkin Snacks- Day 112: 365 Radical Self Love Project

It’s Feature Friday time lovers!!!

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveRadical Self Lovers we are so incredibly stoked to introduce you to fellow RSL community member Kristin Zerbin. Kristin is a beautiful soul, and incredible friend and a burst of brilliant light in this world. She is the founder of RAWkin Snacks-a raw food yummy, sustainable alternative for snack food, the co-facilitator for RSL’s monthly community workshop series, a yogi, meditation instructor and a high vibin teacher for the magical makings of Kombucha all wrapped up in a beautiful vibrant being.

Why Kristin inspires us and why we love her so darn much:

Kristin is a deep believer in the power of positive and like minded communities. She has a dream and vision of bringing together people in the spirit of love, learning and fun to co-create a better world. We find this incredibly inspiring and is the main reason (aside from her incredible heart and hilarious spirit) why we partnered with her for the co-facilitation of RSL’s monthly community workshop series.

kelsey grant radical self loveWe also love and admire her passion and courage for stepping into “owning” her passion and rocking her passion project “RAWkin Snacks”. Her company was inspired out of her lack of inspiration for the the current snack foods on the market. With her background in high vibin raw food Kristin established a company which creates high vibin snack food to her local community. We all have the right to healthy and delicious food and there is so much room for us as a global family to embrace this truth.

radical self love kelsey grantLike a lot of women Kristin did her experimentation phase with dieting and this whole idea of limiting oneself. Her challenging relationship with food became one of her biggest blessings as it was a major catalyst which served the purpose of bringing her more into alignment with who she truly is, helped establish a solid self love relationship and pique her curiosity of exploring what she was capable of creating in the world.

kelsey grant radical self loveShe is currently in the process of expanding the vision and allowing the company to flow in the direction of her heart. Her snacks are absolutely delicious and the best part…they are always made with love. We truly appreciate and understand the massive impact this has on the people who purchase her products (health, nutrition, positive energy, healing vibes of love) and the massive impact it has on the planet. Making choices to be more sustainable, conscious and compassionate to this beautiful earth we live in- is something we majorly support.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantAlong side her high vibin snack food Kristin is really coming into her flow as a teach and facilitator. Here is  the thing we all have something of value to teach one another and there are so many different ways we can do this “teaching”. Kristin has recently launched monthly Kombucha workshops where she gets to combine her love of bringing people together, the healing power of Kombucha and empowering people to become more self reliant and healthy. In these $20 workshops coined “Go Home With a Batch of Brew” Kristin teaches how to make your own ‘booch’, the health benefits, flavouring ideas/how to and other fun facts. This is a great example of when we love ourselves enough to honestly claim that which we are radical self love kelsey granttruly passionate about, the Universe conspires in our favour. Her workshops so far have been an epic success and it’s pretty awesome to head to our yoga studio and hear chitter chatter of all the people who are now excited and stoked to share their creations as a result of attending her workshops! It is such a beautiful experience watching all of this unfold for her.

Ripples of Love

The power of love is the only thing that will indeed shift this world for the better. When one person like Kristin follows her heart and consciously chooses every day to be an example of love, community, leadership and compassion we all benefit.

kelsey grant radical self loveWe absolutely love this woman so incredibly much and feel blessed and so very grateful to have her be such an interactive part of this community, the expansion of RSL and at cause for making the world a better place through her example. Kristin’s passion for raw food and Kombucha are so incredibly obvious the second she gets chatting about it. This makes her an incredible teacher, facilitator and inspiration for others who may be considering following their hearts path. When we do what we love there is an unseeable energy that acts as a magnet of attraction, curiosity and inspiration. Others can see themselves in our example of living on purpose and by doing so maybe just maybe will access their inner courage, will and strength to step out of the norm and do what they love no matter what that looks like. This is the role that we see Kristin play over and over within this community and the local community in Vancouver. She is an inspiration instigator and for this we absolutely adore her and all she is up to! #radicalselflove #rawkinsnacks

Connect with Kristin:

Website: http://feelrawkin.blogspot.ca/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristin.zerbin (if you add her just let her know how you found her 
Join her for a meditation class at Chopra:http://www.choprayoga.com/vancouver/

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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