How My Friends Helped Me Raise My Vibes Day 109: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantDown days seriously always have a beautiful silver lining

Today was one of those lower energy days, where I was feeling a bit down and through today I am even more present to the fact the Universe always has my back.

Knowing I was feeling a bit sad today I was responsible for my energy, kept to myself for most of my morning doing work that was more reflective in nature.

Then I went to the sauna for a nice long crystal meditation and to read some positive learning materials.

I also reached out to a couple friends for support. I had to find the courage within to tell them the truth and not answer the standard question “How are you?” with a cover up “Oh ya I’m good”. I just was honest. I mentioned I was feeling a bit down, shared the facts of what was going on and allowed their support in.

radical self love kelsey grantBecause of this I was blessed to have a afternoon real talk/pep talk with one of my friends who took time out from his work dinner to call and make sure I was ok. This particular friend is incredibly supportive and calls me out on my shit when I’m going into woe is me mode. He did this for me today and for it I was able to snap out of my funk and look at my challenge through a elevated vantage point.

kelsey grant radical self love



Following this conversation I experienced the hilariousness of my ever entertaining roommate who offered to illustrate his interpretative dance/ballet skills for my afternoon amusement. This lead to a hilarious ballet performance and sharing in a funny off the cuff convo where I learned new things about him. Learning something new about people I care about I always consider a most precious gift.

What I love most about my friends is they always tell me what I need to hear not what I necessarily want to hear. This to me is such a blessing and a gift. They won’t let me get away with playing small or when I straight out of line they call me on it AND they guide me to see the light and lesson inside of the areas where I experience challenge in my life.

Radical Self Love kelsey grant

I have my off days just like everyone else. Admitting that we are not always our best versions or in the highest of vibes is the access point for us to get back into the high vibin awesomeness of our being. When I am truthful about what I am experiencing, without the drama of my story about it, I witness the most beautiful of miracles: a flooding in of love, support, real talk and encouragement from my friends and family. For this and for them I am incredibly grateful ❤


Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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