RSL’s Feature Friday- Ride For Dreams Day 98: 365 Radical Self Love Project

RSL Feature FridaysIt’s Feature Friday time lovers!!

We are so stoked to introduce you all to Radical Self Love member Dave Weale!!

227828_10150586389180456_1752168_nDave is a rockstar ski instructor, personal development coach and all around awesome human being. Dave has partnered with Whistler Community Services Society and is heading up a new project called Ride for Dreams in which he is biking from Whistler Canada to California to raise money to fund kids from low income homes have access to pursuing their dreams of professional sports!

Why Dave and Ride for Dreams inspires us:

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love Ride For DreamsAs long as we’ve known Dave he has always been a bright, kind and genuinely positive person who truly inspires happiness wherever he goes. After breaking his neck less than a year ago he has fully recovered and healed his body which is inspiring and magical on its own. However, healing a broken neck was only part of the miracle, Dave is now continuing on his mission to make professional sports dreams accessible for kids from lower income homes by rocking a cross country charity bike ride!!! WHOOP WHOOP Inspiration to the MAX!!

kelsey grant radical self love ride for dreamsHis positive attitude and perspective on life remind us here at Radical Self Love that anything and everything is possible. For most a severe neck injury would stop them-for Dave it was just an opportunity to show the world what he is capable of and heal it from the inside out. Here at RSL we completely believe in each persons power and ability to over come any circumstance or heal any physical ailment when we align our thoughts, feelings, vibration to that of love. To us Dave is a real time example of someone who has truly mastered the power of his mind. I know as a fellow coach (him and I did our training together) he has been on an incredible journey so far in life, which has always stretched him to become greater, stronger and a truly inspirational leader for his community and the world to look to.

Dave’s passion for teaching kids really resonates with us as we absolutely love little humans and all the wondrous magic they can teach us adults 😉 To know Dave is out there making a solid difference with his community in Whistler shows us that no matter where we are, what circumstances we face we can always be a positive contribution. We can always make a difference through who we are being with others and how we are showing up for life. Dave shows up for life every day and because of that this world is a better place!

And how incredible is it that all those little humans who are bursting with potential are being given opportunities to follow their dreams and live in the vibration of passion, love and contribution?! Pretty incredible and this is why Dave is our rockstar this week for Feature Friday!


Ride For Dreams

kelsey grant radical self love ride for dreamsThis fundraising campaign is two fold. Firstly it’s raising funds for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a professional sports coach to receive training, coaching and opportunities to follow their dreams. Secondly it is illustrating how one person and their vision can unfold in the most incredible ways. Dave began this project about 4 years ago with a small community program and since then it has completely taken on a life of it’s own. They are now expanding the program to welcome more kids and make an even bigger impact and difference within our future generations of little human athletes.


More details here on the Ride for Dreams campaign:

Connect with Dave:

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!


Remember if you are up to something inspiring and incredible we want to hear about it. Check out the criteria and if it resonates email us @ cause we want to feature YOU!!

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