Being of Service Rocks-Another Epicly Successful Event! Day 97- 365 Radical Self Love Project


I am in constant awe of the amazingness of this universe. Tonight we hosted our monthly Radical Self Love workshop topic: Letting go, forgiveness, how to rock it when shit hits the fan and our egos try and run the show. Nearing a complete sell out I am present to a couple amazing things:

kelsey grant radical self love1. People are amazing and I love them. Seriously everyone who showed up tonight in the room was incredible. I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to share, teach and learn through them. The interactiveness of the group of peeps tonight was incredible and it beings me so much joy when people are really into the content and asking questions relevant to their lives.



2. This work is really making a difference. Tonight I graciously received some pretty incredible and powerful feedback about the positive impact within the content of the workshops, the blog and the community of Radical Self Lovers that is developing. Hearing the ways in which the content, coaching and self love information is really supporting peeps in making HUGE shifts in their lives makes me want to jump for freaking joy!!! I am honoured and humbled to do this work and show up for you all every day. Thank you all for making it so meaningful and incredible through your ongoing participation. I value and appreciate each and every one of you.

Kelsey Grant Radical self love3. When guidance comes it comes for a reason. This afternoon I kept hearing over and over and over “your next step is writing and offering a course on Radical Forgiveness- self love styles“. I honestly at first tried to ignore it, and as the day went on the messages got louder and louder until I surrendered into the call of my spirit. Tonight I announced the 6 week Radical Forgiveness course. We are starting the second week of October with a small and intimate group of 8 Radical Self Lovers and so far we have 6 interested peeps!! I’m completely blown away. This to me is full proof that the Universe always has our backs and if we just surrender into the guidance of our true nature (love) everything always works out in completely magical ways. Plus I’m freaking EXCITED to rock a 6 week course where we are rocking RSL lessons each week! Whooop whooop!

Life is amazing if we allow it to be. Tonight was a beautiful expression of vulnerability, sharing, growth, curiosity, service and above all Radical Self Love.

So grateful to each person who showed up tonight- you all inspire me. And big juicy lovey love love to my co-facilitator Kristin for rocking it big time tonight and co-creating this awesome adventure with me!

kelsey grant radical self love

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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