New Radical Self Love Yumminess Coming Your Way!!! Day 89: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveNewness rocks!

Here at RSL there are some pretty rad-tastic things I get to share with you today!!!

First- The new website is looking ahhhhmazing and I’m so excited to share it with you lovers really soon! The website will be home base for all the RSL programs, courses, coaching, mentorship, free content, blogs, videos, podcasts…simply put-pure awesomeness!

Second- Today I filmed the first video for the new weekly online Radical Self Love TV show! Here I will be diving into everything relationship and self love related. I can only dive to a certain level with a written blog and the videos each week are short little practical self love nuggets you’ll be able to take and apply straight away. These videos will often be how to’s for loving yourself more and having rockstar relationships. Yup we’re doing it!

Third and final announcement- Every Friday starting this week I’ll be selecting a RSL community member to feature. I’ll be sharing projects, people and companies that are up to inspiring, positive and loving “work” in the world. If you are a member of our online community and want to be featured hit me up. I wanna hear from you. I wanna share your awesomeness with our community and with the world.

RSL Feature Fridays

Here is the criteria for being selected:

1. You are doing positive, inspiring or love filled work in some way shape or form.

2. Your intention is to make the world a better place through your unique example.

3. You are living what you teach. I’m going to leave this one up to you to be responsible for. There is no way for me to actually know whether this is true or not. Only you know if you are living in alignment with your truth and the things you are teaching/sharing with the world. It is your karma so be mindful this is a community of highly intuitive peeps and if you are out of alignment most people will feel it- myself included. I’m really only interested in rippling out messages which are in alignment.

4. You have a legit page, website and project to share. It’s gotta be in the works and ‘live’ in the world.

5. You believe in collaboration and understand the value each person brings to the world.

6. You are humble, kind and a rad-tastic human.

7. You are comfortable sharing a photo of you, links to your website, project and trust I will frame you in the most positive light ever. I will not be sending over the pre-copy for you to review. The share will cover three things: 1. What you are actually up to (your mission)  2. Why I dig it.  3. How peeps can connect with you.

8. You will be featured on the blog on your Friday, on the RSL facebook page and also be tweeted.

9. You want/need help in getting your message out and are open and willing to ask for support.

10. You are an active member of RSL.

11. Your message, mission and project is aligned with our community and will be a contribution to their experience.

If you vibe with these simple points send me a message @ or in a private FB message on our Facebook community page and let me know in 200 words or less what you are up to with links to your content. If your project is selected you will be contacted by our team for the next steps. Also if you know of someone who is up to something awesome and might want to be featured share this post with them!

We already have a full month of peeps lined up so I’ll be rocking approvals on a first come first serve basis!!

Looking forward to spreading the love with you beautiful humans!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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