How Lists Keep Me Sane and On Purpose- Day 88: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Sometimes we all need a little reminder to stay on point.

Today I wrote out a list of 20 Things I Want to Remember to do Each Day to Really Rock Life. This list is ever evolving because I am ever evolving.  The reason why I wrote it down and put it in a place where I can see it is:

so I actually do it

I wrote in such a way that when I read it it sounds like I’m talking directly to myself. Its kind, compassionate and the gentle nudge I sometimes require to stay on the ball with everything. I know there are things I will forget to do, which in the past have had a massive impact on my success. By making them present to myself each day I have no real reason to drop the ball.

Kelsey Grant radical self love

Writing things out also helps me feel grounded, I feel like my thoughts are all in one place. Some people do really well with virtual organization tools and I prefer the good old paper and pen route. I’ve learned myself well enough to know what really works for me. I could expend copious amounts of time and energy ‘trying’ to change the way I am and force it to be a perceived  ‘better’ or ‘more efficient’ way OR I can own who I am, accept the ways in which I best process information aka thrive and flow and simply act in alignment.

Kelsey Grant radical self loveHere is the thing. Contrary to what you may think or have been told, YOU and only YOU know deep down what is best for you. I as a coach I have learned I can only offer possible alternatives and perspectives to enhance a clients experience of flow. When it comes down to it though, it is you who makes the final call of what is best for you and your life. In my experience there isn’t ever a one size fits all model that works for success, productivity and ultimately life.



Kelsey Grant radical self loveWe all have unique paths, with our own set of hidden talents, present strengths and areas of growth and expansion. The more time we spend resisting how we are the more time we spend feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and experiencing contrast. When you get real with yourself about who you are, how you operate and what you need, life becomes a lot more enjoyable. From there you are able to design your life and the way you go through it to be in harmony with your strengths and areas of challenge.



I’m giving up questioning/ second guessing myself and instead I’m claiming ownership of my life and my experience. To be a beacon of inspiration and light I know I must stay in alignment with my heart. This means doing life in a way that makes sense to me and not always will it please or make sense to others. To be perfectly frank I am not here to people please, I am here to be an example of love, inspiration and intimacy. I can only do this when I am in alignment with my truth.

This doesn’t mean I think I know everything and stop learning and being open to change. Quite the contrary. I am a student of life and I will always be learning, growing and evolving. I will definitely come across tools which will make my experience flow even more seamlessly and I am committed to integrating the tools that feel right in my heart and are in alignment with who I am. These types of tools  will always allow me to maintain my personal integrity and knowing of what’s right for me while assisting me in fine tuning my systems, processes and abilities. So here is my list for you lovers to see, be inspired by and model if you feel so inclined! Sharing is caring after all!

To Really Rock It Remember to Do These Everyday:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Meditate
  3. Learn something new (minimum 1hr)
  4. Schedule FB post for RSL
  5. Blog for RSL
  6. Check RSL email
  7. Respond to any and all messages in the FB inbox/email inbox
  8. Take time for you
  9. Laugh
  10. Smooch and love all over your man. Make sure he knows how much he’s loved
  11. Create something new
  12. Day dream
  13. Act on the guidance you are given
  14. Hydrate
  15. Remember to eat and eat well
  16. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments
  17. Write down your appointments and committments
  18. Be kind
  19. Smile. Smiling at strangers gets more points
  20. Move your body- walking, yoga, sex, gym- any type of exercise will do just do something active

There you have it lovers. My daily list.

If you are ready to take the plunge and start rocking full control over your life feel free to check out our RSL workshop this month. We have a live event and a virtual option. This month we are diving into the theme “Getting Unstuck- How to Really Rock It When Sh*t Hits the Fan”. BAM!!! Lets doooooo this! We are in this together and it’s time for all of us to be free, get our love on and have some fun with life!!!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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