How Being a Great Student Makes You a Rockin Teacher- Day 86: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Kelsey Grant Radical Self LoveEveryone is capable of being an incredible student.

The challenge is most of the time we are in scenarios where we are learning about things we don’t actually give a shit about, making being a good student pretty hard. However when we immerse ourselves in content we actually care about something magical happens.

We get inspired. This inspiration becomes our fuel for learning more, diving deeper and developing ourselves in ways that are meaningful to us.

The key to becoming a great student lies in your ability to courageously claim that which excites you, lights you up and that which you are passionate about. Claiming this aspect about yourself will set you on a path of delicious discovery and learning. We are incredibly coachable and teachable when we are learning about things that are relevant to our experience, our passion and our life path.

Here is a radical invitation.

Radical Self Love Kelsey GrantGet real with yourself. Why do you learn the things you do? Is it out of a sense of perceived obligation or force or is it out of pure passion? Life is honestly too short to be spent doing things you don’t love.

Even if you are required at the present moment to work a job or area of study which you don’t fully love you can always invest your ‘free’ time into learning about things you do love. As you fill you time in ways that light you up you begin to shift your circumstances simply because you are happier and happier people are able to notice and act on the abundant opportunities ever present moment to moment.

As you travel down the path of learning what you love you also activate your inner teacher. Teaching isn’t limited to the context in which most of us know it, aka teacher in a classroom full of students. We can activate our ability to teach and share all day long in ANY circumstance or daily scenario. It could be so simple as sharing your new learning with a friend or striking up a conversation in line at the grocery store and sharing a relevant nugget of knowledge. When we expand our perception of what teaching means we see that we all are indeed teachers in our own respects and we are here to learn and share the abundance of knowledge we each have access to.

To do anything less is ripping the world off of the brilliance that is you. What you have to say matters.

When you study and learn things you care about you also do wonders for your self confidence and self esteem. This is because when you are immersed in your passions you are connected to your truth ( a being of love) and flowing in divine awesomeness!! When we are connected we feel better about ourselves, we remember how amazing we are and that energy of positive self image ripples into everything we do.

So this week my invitation to you is simple. Spend 30 minutes every day learning about something you love and when the opportunities present themselves share what you learn to those who are interested in hearing your wisdom and knowledge.

Here is a kickass video on students and teachers from one of my fav kids ever!! Enjoy!

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



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