The Day I Broke Up With My Ego Day 83: 365 Radical Self Love Project

The best breakup I’ve ever had happened this morning…

My partner asked me about my plan for the day and how all the content work was coming along for the website. A pretty standard question and totally reasonable. What was really interesting was what I observed happening inside of myself when he asked me his question. The automatic reaction was a familiar sense of pressure, guilt and defensiveness.

Ahhhhh the ego-ic erruptions ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kelsey Radical Self LoveToday was the day I broke up with my ego and placed more energy on generating a breakthrough and stepping into a new territory. Unlike my familiar pattern which would have been to take it really personally, interpret his words as an attack or judgement that I wasn’t doing enough, I stopped myself. Simple as that. I heard the internal judgement, I felt the grossness of putting pressure on myself and the icky feeling of making myself wrong and I became consciously aware of the trickery of my ego and I let it go.

Awareness was the first step. It was like I was watching myself have these thoughts and observing myself experiencing these feelings all while still being in the drivers seat. I’ve been in this situation enough to know now these thoughts and feelings are warning signs my ego is about to attempt a take over. When I experienced the warning signs today instead of resisting and battling them I took a deep breath and relaxed into the present moment.

The present moment is always beautiful, it is always in a state of divine flow and connection. I allowed my deep breathing to reconnect me to the beauty of the present moment.

I also used all the tools I have to reframe the context of the situation. I reminded myself it was only a question asked from a space of curiosity, happiness and encouragement. This reframe made me feel really good. Feeling really good allowed me to relax even more and begin to enjoy the experience.


Inspirational quote: we become who we believe we are

I was able to see that it was only my internal judgements about myself I was being faced with. For these judgements and harsh self talk I let myself off the hook. I took my power back and actively told myself the truth- that I am calm, kind and loving and anything outside of that experience is there to distract me from achieving my goals and beaming more goodness into the world. In other words- I broke up with my ego.

Within moments the ego-ic erruption was diffused and I could get back to rocking out my day and being in harmony with the world around me. From there I was able to really show up for my coaching session this afternoon and leave a really positive impact.

Just to be clear I know this isn’t the last time my ego will surface, however this experience today has set my personal standards a lot higher. Meaning the calibre of thoughts, feelings and emotions I will allow myself to experience regularly will be of the high vibin constructive variety. I get I may have to break up with my ego every day and if that’s what it takes to be happy, positive and leave this world a better place, then that is what I’m prepared to do!!!

Osho quote

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



2 thoughts on “The Day I Broke Up With My Ego Day 83: 365 Radical Self Love Project

  1. Thank you, Kels, for sharing this story and what you’ve learned. There’s so much value here and I’m very grateful to have read this and be reminded of this lesson. You are changing the world with every word. ๐Ÿ™‚

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