Reflecting On The Good Only Brings More Of It Your Way-Day 82: 365 Radical Self Love Project

After my incredible mini getaway with my man the only thing I am really present to is how incredible life is and how grateful I am for the life I lead.

photo copy 2We had a magical 2 day adventure right out in nature..our cabin was literally in the forest with the ocean a few steps away πŸ™‚ That time in the quiet peacefulness of momma Gaia was exactly what we both needed individually and for our relationship.

While we have an incredible connection and in my opinion an epicly epic love story and relationship we still have challenges like everyone else. We misunderstand each other, we loose our cool sometimes and other times we are just going through growing pains and it comes out with each other.

To me having this time away is so fundamental to the health of our relationship as it reminds me of all of the incredible blessings we both bring to each other and we get time to really connect with zero distractions. Keeping high on the vibe of gratitude here are my top 10 things I am grateful for from our trip:

KG’s Forest Cabin Adventure Gratitude List:

Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love1. The incredible cabin we stayed in. Such a beautiful view of the forest, the strong real cedar scent in the cabin, the comfy bed and the wood burning stove.

2. Having tea with a wonderfully inspiring friend and conspiring awesomeness and basking in the warmth and beauty of the day.

3. Having dinner in a straight up tree house, with live music. So incredible

4. Being pampered, spoiled and treated by my amazing man the entire trip.

5. The epic two seater jet tub in our cabin and having a candlelit, vino drinking, chocolate eating, mineral salt jacuzzi with the love of my life fully equipped with intoxicating foot rubs and the play time that followed πŸ˜‰

6. Breakfast in the sunshine.

7. An incredible outdoor photo shoot for RSL and the website.

photo copy8. Exploring the island, looking at rental properties, starfish, docks and planning our move.

9. The mini market with fresh sprout samplings, organic meats, the best tomatoes ever, incredible produce, superfood smoothies, sprout wraps and ice cream.

10. The forest frolicking, standing ontop of a mountain overlooking the ocean, smooching, meditating in the forest side by side on a mossy cliff then snuggling on the forest floor talking about our dreams, inspired plans and spending the rest of our lives together!!!

Yup a pretty incredible trip with an amazing man. I am one lucky woman πŸ˜‰

Radical Self Love to the Max!!!



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