3 Really Good Reasons Why Being a Homebody Rocks Day 76: 365 Radical Self Love Project

Some days are just meant for being a homebody.


I love being a homebody and today I practiced it full out. There are just times in life when I am honestly just not feeling social or feel like leaving the cozy comfort of my home. I reflected on my homebody-ness today and came up with three really good reasons why being a homebody rocks, here they are:

inspiring-quotes-about-life-gratitude11. It gives me a chance to really appreciate how amazing my home and life is. When I take time to actually be at home I am really present to all that I do have- a beautiful apartment, a view of the ocean and the mountains, a fridge full of food, all the tools and technology I could ever need and all the other beautiful ‘things’ we have around the house. The time for reflection on all that I do have immediately activates gratitude and alignment with abundance.

428365_203325109773704_285164301_n2. I can rock the PJ attire all day if I want to. From time to time wearing pajamas all day long is just a must in my books. Not having to get ready for the world is often a really nice break from the norm. Don’t get me wrong I love getting ready, looking pretty and dressing up and I think there is everything great with it. Sometimes though I just don’t want to and being a homebody allows me the freedom to be me- pj’s and all.

1069798_10153104163760145_121570179_n3. It’s cozy and comfortable and  the best excuse ever to wear rainbow slipper socks 😉 I am naturally a snuggly, cuddly person. I like to be warm, cozy and comfortable. On my stay at home days I love snuggling up with some warm tea or coffee, wrapping myself in a blanket, turning on some cozy lighting if necessary and rocking out my days work all while wearing rainbow slipper socks or fuzzy socks of any kind. To me this is perfection and a way to recharge my batteries while still being productive.

Lets be honest there are just days when we don’t feel like being “on” or being social. While our lives may not always permit us to stay at home all day or work from home we can activate the gloriousness of being a homebody throughout our week as time permits.

Make it a priority to invest time as often as you can into reflecting on the good, relaxing and wearing comfy clothes that make you feel great and rocking your version of cozy rainbow slipper socks. Doing so will most certainly help you to stay connected to you, be ok with taking care of your needs (self care) and honouring what your body and energy needs most on a regular and consistent basis (self respect and self love).

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!!



One thought on “3 Really Good Reasons Why Being a Homebody Rocks Day 76: 365 Radical Self Love Project

  1. Hey Kelsey it’s Jasmine. Since I’m a writer I’m a homebody by default, unless I decide to go somewhere else to write. Usually, though, I stay home. I definitely know what you mean here, especially concerning the tea and pj’s. I’m living with my boyfriend and his family in Oahu this fall, so my office since I’ve been here has been a cross between the hammock under the stairs and our bedroom ::P It’s pretty delightful! -Jasmine

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