The Scale of Emotions: Learning How to Feel Great- Day 75: 365 Radical Self Love Project

What you feel is really up to you.

Every emotion we experience carries with it a vibrational energy. This is easy to understand when we think of common emotional responses such as anger or upset- they generally feel what we often describe as ‘bad’ energy in the body. We contract physically, make ourselves physically smaller, cave in the shoulders ect. Comparatively when we experience happiness and love we feel ‘good’. Inside of these experiences we feel expansive, open and our physical bodies actually become more open our posture aligns, we stand straighter and expose our hearts vibrant energy.

So how do we go from being totally in the dumps emotionally to feeling better?

Simple. By choosing emotional experiences which are higher on the emotional vibrational scale.

Scale v1 COPY 2I first was introduced to this information through Dr. David Hawkins book Power vs Force ( A great read I highly recommend it). From there the next place I heard of this information was through Esther and Jerry Hicks and their work with Abraham.

Now I get it there some people may be more scientific minded and I would recommend the David Hawkins route, for others who are more spiritual I would encourage exploring the Abraham-Hicks work. Both are incredible valuable- choose to explore the one which makes the most sense to you- this my dears is what rocking out on the path of least resistance looks like.

The premise of the work is this- every emotion we feel emits a vibrational charge. When we make a habit of choosing negative emotions we flood our physical, mental and emotional bodies with lower vibrational energy. These lower energies actually drain our human energy tanks and if we do this enough eventually the physical, mental and emotional bodies breakdown. Likewise when we choose to feed ourselves with the experience of positive emotions we fill up our physical, mental and emotional tanks. When the tanks are full we are running in optimum form- experiencing optimum health and wellbeing.

Here is the Emotional Scale:


Where peeps get tripped up is placing an expectation on themselves of being able to go from the lowest emotions to the highest emotions instantly. To me this is the ego-ic mind making an attempt to stay stuck because the likelihood of being able to go from one extreme to the other instantly is very slim. I’m sure there are people capable of it however I have found that the most consistent/successful route is climbing up the emotional/energetic ladder one step at a time.

While it may seem counter intuitive to replace one bad feeling emotion with another, making those choices actually moves us up the scale. When we know the vibrations associated with our new present choice are higher (even if it’s not significantly higher) we begin to feel the energy of self empowerment and self reliance. As twinklings of those positive feelings begin to emerge we are able to move up the emotional scale quicker and find ourselves in the higher vibrations sooner than later.


My success dialogue I use to climb up the emotional scale:


I am currently having an experience of  _____.

I understand this is only my experience and not the truth.

I love, accept and forgive myself.


At this point I just allow the experience to be there. What tends to happen almost instantly is I then have a new emotional experience. Mine usually starts with jealousy. When I do this exercise with myself the next emotions I experience are either anger or revenge. What is interesting is that whichever one surfaces both are a higher vibrational energy, which I then acknowledge by saying:


Kelsey even though you are having the experience of _____ at this present moment you have moved up the vibrational scale and I acknowledge you for your making the choice to feel better.

imagesI then use the same dialogue pattern with the new emotion. I continue this three step process until I am able to move my experience up to that of feeling positive emotions.

Sometimes it takes a while and that is ok. There is always something powerful the negative emotions can teach us about who we are if we allow them to. Here in lies the distinction of being controlled by our emotions and being in charge of your experience.

It will take some practice and with your consistent and honest exploration you will lead yourself into a more positive and happy experience of life. For True.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!



2 thoughts on “The Scale of Emotions: Learning How to Feel Great- Day 75: 365 Radical Self Love Project

  1. I just very quickly read this writing but something instantly bugged me. It was this:

    “I understand this is only my experience and not the truth.
    I love, accept and forgive myself.”

    Like, aren’t our experiences true? Does an objective “truth” exist somewhere out there? Who defines and creates that? How and why is that more true than what we feel? Why are our feelings and emotions less valuable than that “truth”? I mean, what other truth can we have except our own experience? Can we go outside of that? I don’t believe that we entirely can, even we can reason and feel sympathy towards others.
    Also, “forgiving”. Do we need to apologize (to ourselves) for what we feel and experience? Are some feelings and experiences wrong? How and who defines what’s wrong and what’s not?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of radical self love and I truly think that it’s essential for happiness and balance. I just found some choice of words disturbing. And I do believe in this being somewhat in charge of ones own feelings. Like, the process of moving yourself from a bad place to a better and happier one, trying to see a positive side and be optimistic about things. It doesn’t work every time, but maybe with practice it will get easier.

    • Thank you for your share and your great questions. Here is the thing as I have learned, everyone’s experience of “truth” is different and you as an individual will generate your perception of “truth” through your life experience and your life path. The context in which this article is written is A- coming from my own personal experience and B- sharing the distinction of fear vs love. To me love is the only thing that is true. When I experience anything outside of love I am out of harmony with my truth thus participating within what I know to be the illusion of fear. This is my truth- and the exercise is simply what I do to help myself work through the tough times- which is why it is framed the way it is 🙂

      There is a clear difference between apologizing and forgiving. Apologizing (to me) means I have done something wrong and forgiveness to me is simply a shift in perception to view any situation through the lens of love and compassion. I have found that forgiving myself for choosing experiences based in fear has been incredibly helpful in raising my vibes, simply because helps me to understand and learn from the experience AND if I don’t I will continue to make myself wrong for feeling angry, upset or whatever the experience is- which does me absolutely no good. Forgiveness sets me free from that negative cycle and pops me back on the path of love (An amazing book which would help give you perspective to the context of Forgiveness I am referring to is Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping).

      I also made no mention that any experience we feel is wrong. My belief is all the experiences we ever have in life are always for our greatest learning and evolution (even the crappy stuff). I know for myself that I would rather go through life feeling good and at times contrast is part of the experience of being human. How long I experience lower emotional energies/challenges is up to me entirely.

      What I write about is in no way the “only way”- I am simply offering what I have experienced in the hopes that it will support and inspire people in finding more effective pathways to feeling better on a more consistent basis. A principal I’ve taken on in my journey that has served me well is this “Take what works and leave everything else” and if the exercises and articles I write about really don’t vibe with ya it’s ok. There is always something for everyone out there. I encourage you to take a gander through some of my other articles especially the ones about contrast as you may find they also address some of the questions you shared 🙂

      Much love and light to you ❤

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