Bro Chats and Radical Life Shifts- Day 73: 365 Radical Self Love Project

IMG_2217Sometimes all I really need is a good solid chat with my brother. My bro is a pretty special guy in my life and in the last year especially we’ve really been able to rekindle our super sonic sibling bond even more.

Like most families we had our ups and downs and my brother has always been there for me. Even when our lives took us to different cities and physically away from each other there was still this knowingness that if shit hit the fan we would be there for one another in a heart beat. To me that kind of bond is so incredibly precious and I feel deeply grateful to have the relationship I do with him.

Our paths in the last 4 years have really been off in quite different directions and some major changes are happening for him and those changes, not so surprisingly have set our individual life paths back in sync and alignment. My lil bro is stepping into the unknown and building his own company and I couldn’t be more proud or excited for him.

I believe in my brother and the incredible work he does (he’s a super talent landscape designer, water feature/irrigation systems expert and an incredible team leader). I know in my heart he will be incredibly successful in his venture and to know by following his heart path he will be fully lit up, financially free, emotionally fulfilled and truly happy makes my heart leap for joy. If you’re wondering if the pic below is a photo of his most recent solo project you would be correct 😉 So talented right?!!!


My brothers experience also has served as a beautiful mirror to my progress, my success and my ability to soar as I keep going along this sacred divine path of teaching Radical Self Love.

What also literally brought tears to my eyes during our conversation is something he shared about my Dad. My Dad has chosen to take a new job, with a really incredibly salary in a new city (my bro and both my parents all currently live in the same city) with the intention of providing my brother with the investment capital and mentorship he will need to start his own company. This generous and completely selfless contribution has boldly reminded me how kind and incredible my Dad is.


What I love about this is simple- Both my parents have always been supportive in their own respective ways to me and my brother. Deep down I always felt loved, supported and provided for. When I moved to Vancouver to start my new chapter 4.5 years ago my mom was really in a place where she was able to step up and support me emotionally, physically and financially throughout my entire process of moving cities and launching my company. Now my Dad has given my brother the same opportunity. Based on my experience of how incredible it has been to have so much support I know my brother will have everything he needs to succeed just as I did.


This isn’t to say my mom hasn’t supported my brother or my Dad hasn’t supported me. My point is they each have supported us in the most perfect ways, at the most perfect times, in the best ways they always can. I find it so magical they have both done the same thing- just at different times- with both my brother and I. It illuminates to me the power of family even when the family unit looks different than what I thought it should be (my parents separated over 10 years ago and still maintain a positive dynamic).

IMG_0919Today I am so moved, inspired and touched by the immense blessings both of our parents have provided us with. They are both incredible humans and I am so honoured to call them my parents. I only hope I am able to always contribute just as fully to their experience and remind them just how incredibly precious they both are to me and my brother.

Feeling so grateful to have the life I do, with the incredible family mates I have.

Radical Self Love to the MAX!!!




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